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Tetris Effect’s Tetusya Mizuguchi Is Keen On Making A PSVR 2 Game

Tetusya Mizuguchi, the producer behind Tetris Effect, Rez, and Lumines, has revealed that he’s interesting in working on a game for Sony’s upcoming PSVR 2.

Speaking with VGC, Mizuguchi-san said that his team are thinking about how they can ‘push VR,’ and is keen on exploring what PSVR 2 can bring to the table.

I can’t say anything very specific… but we are very interested, and we’re thinking about how we can push VR, so we’re very interested in new hardware and how we’re looking to make VR games better. We’re very interested in the PSVR 2.

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In the same interview, producer Mark MacDonald revealed that there’s still a chance that Tetris Effect could see a PSVR 2 release.

There are still platforms that we’re not out on that we’d like to be. There might be future platforms that are coming out that we’d like to be on.

PSVR 2 has yet to attract a release date but is rumored to be launching in the first quarter of next year.