The Chuckle Brothers command Agent 47 in hilarious real-life Hitman experience

British comedy duo Paul and Barry Chuckle, otherwise known as The Chuckle Brothers, have teamed up with developer IO Interactive to provide a unique real-life Hitman experience as the pair control Agent 47 to eliminate a Siberian arms dealer.

Meticulously realised by Realm Pictures, the ‘mission’ takes place in a mansion in Devon featuring multiple entry points and numerous opportunities to dispatch their target. Acting as 47’s handler, the Chuckle Brothers have access to CCTV footage and communicate with the bald agent, guiding his every move as the player would during the video games.

“The objective was to try and see if it was possible to create the feeling of a real life Hitman game experience for the participants,” said Marc Skouborg, Brand Marketing Director at IO Interactive. “Realm Pictures went above and beyond in their efforts and we’ve been completely blown away by the detail and how well they managed to capture the essence of the game, which is all about freedom of approach. It’s simply fantastic.”

Give the video a watch below, and don’t forget to read our review of Hitman’s debut episode for PlayStation 4 here. Hitman is the latest entry in the stealth-based franchise and takes on an episodic format, with new missions releasing throughout 2016.