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The Division 2 Control Points Explained – How They Work

Control Points are introduced to the player early on in The Division 2. They are side activities in the world and each district of D.C has a couple to take over. This guide is going to explain what they are, how they work and how to maintain them.

The Division 2 Control Points – What Are They

As mentioned above, these points show up on the map once you enter each district. They are denoted by the Flag icon and are coloured red. If you head to the location you will be asked to call in reinforcements with the Square button. This will then get the enemy’s attention and a fight will break out.

The Division 2 Control Points Explained - How They Work

The Division 2 Control Points – How They Work

The Division 2’s control points play out like this. You will enter the point and it will be controlled by a specific enemy faction. Once inside, you can either start shooting or call in reinforcements. Either is a good option; However, I would recommend shooting the flare as it takes upwards of thirty seconds for reinforcements to arrive.

Once inside the point you will need to wipe out the waves of enemies until their Leader spawns. This leader is a yellow bar enemy and is quite tough, especially if he has a lot of armor. Stick to cover and only fire when he/she is not shooting. Make use of your Skills and Grenades, whilst also letting your reinforcements do as much damage as they can.

Once the Leader and all the hostiles are dead you will need to prepare for a counter attack.

The Division 2 Control Points Explained - How They Work

This plays out very similar to the last phase of this activities. Get in a defensive position and prepare for a few waves of hostiles. After killing around 10 hostiles another Leader will spawn. Use the same tactics to defeat him/her as the last one. One that Leader and all the hostiles are dead you will have completed the Control Point.

However, you are not finished. Capturing a control point will then unlock a Supply Room in that point. You will need to find it and open it by holding the square button on the door. Inside you will find a bunch of loot including, new weapons, new gear, collectibles, and resources. Once you have cleaned out this room, you have fully completed the Control Point.

The Division 2 Control Points – How To Maintain Them

In the control points that you have captured you can find a Control Point Officer. This person acts as the leader of the point and will require various resources to keep the point maintained and working effectively. The Officer requires Food, Water, and Components which can all be found through playing, as well as searching areas of the map highlighted with their icon.

Once they have more than 50 of each resource they will be satisfied. However, these meters deplete over time; so, giving them more resources means that the control point will be maintained for longer. This doesn’t seem to have any major gameplay benefit. Some of these control points are required to be captured and maintained for a variety of Projects found at the game’s Settlements.

The Division 2 Control Points Explained - How They Work

That covers Control Points. We hope this guide was helpful!

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