The Division patch 1.7 adds ‘ultra-rare’ classified gear sets – new update

the division 1.7 patch notes

More details on the highly anticipated The Division patch 1.7 have been revealed by Massive Entertainment this week.

The developer hosted a livestream with Red Storm Creative Director Terry Spier and The Division Lead Designer Keith Evans in which update 1.7 was the hot topic.

As part of the new patch, which has yet to receive an official release date, classified gear sets are coming and we now have some brand new details.

The Division 1.6.1 patch notes

Classified Gear Sets are essentially better versions of the gear sets currently in the game. “They’re the next thing to strive for,” says Red Storm. They’ll have special five and six piece bonuses (extension of the existing gear sets) that will change the way you play the game. The base primary stat range is going to start at 256, and they’ll be the ability to recalibrate two stats as oppose to one at the moment.

The classified gear sets will drop during global events, starting off with global event one, where players can attempt to get their hands on boosted versions of the Dead Eye, Final Measure and Lonestar gear sets. They’re essentially ultra-rare drops! If you don’t manage to pick one up in a global event, the improved gear sets will be added to the common loot pool so can still be gained through farming.

In addition to classified gear sets, The Division update 1.7 has a host of additional content, including a new built-in achievement system called Commendations.

Stay tuned for details on the release date and full patch notes shortly.

Source: The Division stream