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The Elder Scrolls Update 2.14 Rolls Out With Flames Of Ambition On PS4

Bethesda has unleashed The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.14 patch notes, which comes with the addition of Flames of Ambition for PS4 and Xbox One owners. You can read up on The Elder Scrolls 2.14 below.

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Flames of Ambition DLC – New Dungeons

Black Drake Villa: Tucked away in the northern Gold Coast sits an abandoned villa built as a retreat for former Emperor Durcorach, the Black Drake. Rumors tell of a vast library deep below that holds knowledge pillaged from across Tamriel. Hired by a mysterious benefactor, Eveli Sharp-Arrow arrives in search of a valuable book and a little adventure, but she soon discovers someone has set fire to the underground archive. Join Eveli in a race to find the book and defeat the forces behind the consuming blaze.

The Cauldron: Long-forgotten ritual sites and ruins of the past fill the mountains of western Deshaan and serve as enticing sources of power for devious forces. When the citizens of a quiet Dark Elf village start to go missing, all eyes turn to the sinister cult residing in a nearby abandoned mine. Delve deep underground to rescue the kidnapped people and stop a dark ritual before it can unleash destruction.

Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron are 4-player dungeons which can be reached via the Gold Coast and Deshaan respectively.

Black Drake Villa’s entrance is in the northern Gold Coast, with the entrance east of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

The Cauldron’s entrance is located in western Deshaan, west of the West Narsis Wayshrine. Did we mention you need to go west?

Both Dungeons include a Normal version in addition to a challenging Veteran version. In addition, Black Drake Villa features challenging Hard Modes for each of the three boss encounters.

There are unique item sets, including two new Undaunted Monster Mask sets, only available within the Dungeons, in addition to the following rewards:

Unique achievement awards

Unique Skin

A unique memento

Several Titles

Unique housing items

New Item Sets

There are several new item sets that are obtained through the two new dungeons:

Blake Drake Villa

True-Sworn Fury (Light Armor)

2 – Adds 687 Spell Critical

3 – Adds 129 Spell Damage

4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka

5 – Adds 708 Spell Critical and increases your Critical Damage by 4%. This bonus doubles to 1416 Spell Critical and 8% increased Critical Damage when you are under 75% Health. This bonus quadruples to 2832 Spell Critical and 16% increased Critical Damage when you are under 50% Health.

Kinras’s Wrath (Medium Armor)

2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage

3 – Adds 657 Weapon Critical

4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage

5 – Dealing damage with a Light or Heavy Attack grants you a stack of Burning Heart for 5 seconds, up to 5 stacks. While you have 5 stacks, you generate an aura of wrath, granting you Major Berserk, increasing your damage by 10%. While you have an aura of wrath, Allies within 12 meters of you gain Minor Berserk, increasing their damage done by 5%.

Drake’s Rush (Heavy Armor)

2 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health

3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina

4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina

5 – When you Bash an enemy, you and up to 3 group members within 15 meters of you gain Major Heroism for 12 seconds, granting you 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 18 seconds.

Encratis’s Behemoth (Monster Mask)

1 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka

2 – Dealing Flame Damage to an enemy grants you Behemoth’s Aura for 12 seconds that reaches up to 12 meters. You and up to 11 group members in the aura reduce Flame Damage taken by 5%. Enemies in the aura increase their Flame Damage taken by 5%. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.

The Cauldron

Unleashed Ritualist (Light Armor)

2 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka

3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka

4 – Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka

5 – Dealing damage to an enemy applies Ritualist’s Mark to them for 10 seconds. Enemies with your Ritualist’s Mark take an additional 16% damage from your summoned pets.

Dagon’s Dominion (Medium Armor)

2 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage

3 – Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina

4 – Adds 129 Weapon Damage

5 – Adds 492 Weapon Damage to your area of effect abilities

Foolkiller’s Ward (Heavy Armor)

2 – Adds 1487 Armor

3 – Adds 1487 Armor

4 – Adds 1206 Maximum Health

5 – Activating Block while in combat places a damage shield on you and 3 group members within 18 meters for 2 seconds that absorbs 4000 direct damage. If a damage shield breaks, the wearer of the shield restores 5680 Magicka and Stamina. This effect can occur once every 30 second if a damage shield broke. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds if no damage shields broke.

Baron Zaudrus (Monster Mask)

1 – Adds 548 Maximum Stamina

1 – Adds 548 Maximum Magicka

1 – Adds 603 Maximum Health

2 – Applying a status effect to an enemy grants you a stack of Zaudrus’s Ambition for 10 seconds, up to 3 stacks max. When you gain 3 stacks, the stacks are removed and you gain 4 Ultimate. On gaining Ultimate, you cannot gain additional stacks of Zaudrus’s Ambition for 1 second.

New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes

Illusory Salamander Stone Memento: Obtained by completing the Black Drake Villa Conqueror achievement.

Dagon’s Viscerent Skin: Obtained by completing the Cauldron Conqueror achievement.

Fire-Forged Maul Outfit Style: Obtained by earning the Flames of Ambition Explorer achievement.

Scintillating Scarlet Dye: Obtained by completing the Flames of Ambition Delver achievement.

New Achievements and Titles

Flames of Ambition introduces over 30 new achievements, four new titles and one new dye.

The “Ardent Bibliophile” title is earned by completing the Ardent Bibliophile Achievement.

The “Flamechaser” title is earned by completing the Snuffed Out Achievement.

The “Subterranean Smasher” title is earned by completing the Subterranean Smasher Achievement.

The “Spark of Vengeance” title is earned by completing the Schemes Disrupted Achievement.

New Furnishings

New Bust and Trophy furnishings have been added to commemorate victory in the Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron dungeons.

Base Game

Champion Point System Update

In this update, we’ve revamped the entire Champion Point (CP) system with an updated UI and all-new stars to choose. Now, when building your character, you’ll have more choices than ever before.

The goals for this change include several factors:

This new system encourages horizontal progression over vertical progression.

The new Champion system reduces how many passives are on a character at one time, reducing the calculations per combat action.

Expandability is essential to the health of character progression, and the revamped Champion system has far greater flexibility for expansion in the future.

The Constellations have been renamed from the Mage, Warrior and Thief to Warfare, Fitness and Craft.

Constellations have been reduced from 9 to 3, but the variety of stars available to spend points in has greatly increased.

Stars are interconnected in a way such that spending enough points to unlock the bonus awarded from a star, will also unlock the path to its connected stars.

Stars within constellations are categorized under two main types:

Non-Slottable: These are stars which give you their noted stats and do not need further interaction other than adding the requisite points to activate the stat bonus listed.

Slottable: These are stars which give you their noted stats and must be added to the new Champion bar to activate the bonus listed in the star. When actively slotted, their art will update in the constellation to indicate this.

We’ve added a new Champion bar to the top of the Champion Constellations UI. This allows you to slot up to 4 stars from each of the 3 Constellations.

You can swap out any slotted star at any time with no cost, as long as you’re not in combat.

The cost of respec’ing your Champion Points is still 3000 gold.

The CP cap per update has been lifted, and you can now spend up to the 3600 point cap. We’ve adjusted the rate at which you gain CP to accommodate for the cap lift.

You still only earn Champion Points at level 50 or higher, but as with the original CP system, you can spend any you have earned regardless of your level.

All characters have had their base Health increased to 16,000, up from 8744 and their Magicka and Stamina has increased to 12,000, up from 7958.

These changes were made to offset the loss of the 20% stat increases gained from the original Champion Point system, where spending 100 points in a tree would increase the base stat of the tree by 20%.

Characters now also take 10% reduced damage at base, to reduce the loss of the mitigation from the Champion Point system.

Characters now also start with 1000 Weapon and Spell Damage regardless of your level.

Made numerous adjustments to battle leveling bonuses to tone down some of the power spiking seen with some stats, specifically with Weapon and Spell Damage and Health.

Armor Changes

Equipped Armor pieces now passively augment your character’s effectiveness at a base line, in addition to their purchasable passives. Their effects are now denoted in the Armor section of the Skills screen and are unlocked immediately upon unlocking the Skill Line itself. You can find their effects below:

Light Armor Bonuses

Reduces your damage taken from “Magical” (Magic, Flame, Frost, and Shock Damage) attacks by 1% per piece worn

Reduces the cost of Roll Dodge by 3% per piece worn

Reduces your Movement Speed penalty while Sneaking by 5% per piece worn

Reduces the cost of Break Free by 5% per piece worn

Reduces the cost of Bash by 3% per piece worn

Light Armor Penalties

Increases your damage taken from “Martial” (Physical, Poison, Disease, and Bleed Damage) attacks by 1% per piece worn

Increases the cost of Block by 3% per piece worn

Decreases your damage done with Bash by 1% per piece worn

Medium Armor Bonuses

Reduces the cost of Sprint by 1% per piece worn

Reduces the cost of Sneak by 5% per piece worn

Reduces the cost of Block by 3% per piece worn

Reduces your damage taken from Area of Effect Attacks by 2% for 2 seconds after you Roll Dodge

Increases your Movement Speed by 2% while immune to crowd control

Heavy Armor Bonuses

Reduces your damage taken from Martial attacks by 1% per piece worn

Increases the amount of damage blocked by 1% per piece worn

Increases damage done with Bash by 3% per piece worn

Reduces your damage taken while immune to crowd control by 1% per piece worn

Heavy Armor Penalties

Increases your damage taken from Magical attacks by 1% per piece worn

Reduces the Movement Speed bonus of Sprint by 1% per piece worn

Increases the cost of Roll Dodge by 3% per piece worn

Increases the size of your detection area while Sneaking by 10% per piece worn (making you easier to detect)

The above changes were done to help increase the effect that Armor plays on your build, by augmenting your Core Combat Mechanics such as Break Free, Roll Dodge, and Sprint in ways that are not already apparent in the paradigms. Additionally, the “Rock Paper Scissors” effect that Armor was originally meant to follow should have more sharp effects in PvP situations, where Light Armor is stronger versus Heavy but weaker versus Medium, and Heavy is stronger versus Medium.

We also tried to avoid outright buffing the same exact playstyles that already exist with some Armor types in efforts to improve armor viability, rather than reinforcing the existing patterns.

For example, Light Armor has much more freedom with most of its Stamina costs but is less effective with outright soaking damage. Heavy Armor is now slower but bulkier, and Medium Armor is more slippery but with less sharp bonuses as it has no drawbacks.

All armor passives now scale per piece of Armor equipped, rather than some of them granting bonuses while wearing 5 pieces or more. This, along with the new penalty and bonus system of Armor, should help diversify build variety and increase the viability of unique options such as 4/3 and all 7 pieces of the same Armor weight being worn.

Light Armor

Concentration: This passive now grants 469/939 Spell Penetration per piece of Light Armor worn, rather than 2442/4884 when wearing 5 pieces or more.

Prodigy: This passive now grants 0.5/1% Spell Critical per piece of Light Armor worn, rather than 5/10% when wearing 5 pieces or more.

Spell Warding: Increased the amount of Spell Resistance granted per rank to 363/726, up from 182/363.

Medium Armor

Agility: This passive now grants 1/2% Weapon Damage per piece of Medium Armor worn, rather than 7/15% when wearing 5 pieces or more.

Dexterity: Decreased the amount of Weapon Critical granted to 0.3/0.6/1% per piece of Medium Armor worn, down from 0.3/1/1.5% per piece.

Heavy Armor

Rapid Mending: This passive now increases your Healing Taken by 1% for every 2/1 pieces of Heavy Armor worn, rather than 4/8% when wearing 5 pieces or more.

Resolve: Decreased the amount of Armor granted per piece of Heavy Armor worn to 114/229/343, down from 121/142/363.

Revitalize: This passive now increases the resources restored from your fully-charged Heavy Attacks by 2/4% per piece of Heavy Armor worn, rather than 12/25% when wearing 5 pieces or more.

Advanced Stats

You can now view additional combat stats about your character by selecting Advanced Stats within the Character menu. This includes a variety of additional offensive, defensive, and utility bonuses that your character currently has based on their equipment, buffs/debuffs, Skill and Champion Point expenditures. Additionally, Physical and Spell Penetration have been added to the main stats view.

Fast Travel Outside of Homes

There are many reasons to visit your lovely home, but sometimes you just want to use it as a handy fast travel point! For times like those, you can now select the “Travel to Outside” option when traveling to any of your homes, and it will take you right outside the front door without any extra loadscreens. You can of course still travel straight inside, as before, with the “Travel to Inside” option.

Furnishing & Houseguest Preview Improvements

You can now preview furnishings and furnishing plans directly from your inventory. No more guesswork when deciding whether to learn a plan! In addition, Houseguest previews on the Crown Store now include a selection of voice lines, so you can get a better sense of their overall identity.

New Furnishings

In Update 29, we’ve added several new furnishings to acquire and have made some quality of life changes.

New Dwarven Structural Items

We’ve added a new set of 20 Dwarven furnishing plans in the Markarth style. These have a chance to appear in Markarth Reward Coffers, which are awarded for completing world boss and delve daily quests in The Reach. These plans include various platforms, pillars, and stairways, as well as other structural components—including plans for a fireplace, a double door, and a tower!

New Master Writ Furnishings

Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, has 7 new furnishing plans available for purchase:

Diagram: Dwarven Minecart, Ornate

Pattern: Solitude Yarn Rack, Colorful

Blueprint: Solitude Well, Noble

Praxis: Solitude Hearth, Rounded Tall

Formula: Vampiric Cauldron, Distilled Coagulant

Design: Provisioning Station, Solitude Grill

Sketch: Dwarven Crystal Sconce, Mirror

As usual, Rolis has handed some of his prior furnishing plans over to his assistant, Faustina Curio, the Master Writ Achievement merchant. In order to help manage the growing number of furnishing plans on her store, she’s consolidated her offerings. Her furnishing plans are now grouped together into Folios based on when they first appeared in her store. Opening a Folio will give you tradable copies of all of the plans inside and costs the same as it would have cost to buy all the recipes in that Folio individually. The most recent set of furnishing plans are still available individually. The contents of each Folio are as follows:

Crafter’s Furnishing Folio

Diagram: Apparatus, Boiler

Formula: Case of Vials

Diagram: Apparatus, Gem Calipers

Blueprint: Podium, Skinning

Blueprint: Tools, Case

Formula: Bottle, Poison Elixir

Design: Mortar and Pestle

Blueprint: Cabinet, Poisonmaker’s

Praxis: Orcish Table with Fur

Pattern: Orcish Tapestry, Spear

Design: Orcish Skull Goblet, Full

Morrowind Furnishing Folio

Formula: Mages Apparatus, Master

Diagram: Dwarven Gyroscope, Masterwork

Pattern: Dres Sewing Kit, Master’s

Praxis: Hlaalu Bath Tub, Masterwork

Design: Mammoth Cheese, Mastercrafted

Blueprint: Telvanni Candelabra, Masterwork

Dark Elf Furnishing Folio

Formula: Alchemical Apparatus, Master

Diagram: Hlaalu Gong

Pattern: Clothier’s Form, Brass

Praxis: Hlaalu Trinket Box, Curious Turtle

Design: Miniature Garden, Bottled

Blueprint: Hlaalu Gaming Table, “Foxes & Felines”

Summerset Furnishing Folio

Sketch: Alinor Ancestor Clock, Celestial

Sketch: Figurine, The Dragon’s Glare

Diagram: Relic Vault, Impenetrable

Pattern: Alinor Bed, Levitating

Blueprint: Alinor Bookshelf, Grand Full

Praxis: Alinor Gaming Table, Punctilious Conflict

Formula: Artist’s Palette, Pigment

Design: Alinor Grape Stomping Tub

Ebonheart Furnishing Folio

Sketch: Silver Kettle, Masterworked

Blueprint: Frog-Caller, Untuned

Design: Pottery Wheel, Ever-Turning

Formula: Alchemical Apparatus, Condenser

Praxis: Hlaalu Salt Lamp, Enchanted

Pattern: Dark Elf Tent, Canopy

Diagram: Hlaalu Stove, Chiminea

Elsweyr Furnishing Folio

Diagram: Elsweyr Gate, Masterwork

Pattern: Elsweyr Chaise Lounge, Upholstered

Blueprint: Elsweyr Cart, Masterwork

Praxis: Elsweyr Statue, Shrine Lion

Formula: Elsweyr Incense, Fragrant

Design: Provisioning Station, Elsweyr Grill

Sketch: Elsweyr Cage, Filigree

Faustina Curio now offers Skyrim Journeyman and Master Furnisher’s Documents, containing a variety of superior and epic furnishing plans from Western Skyrim.

New Undaunted Quartermaster Furnishings

Two new furnishings are available from Undaunted Quartermasters for those who have braved Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron, and returned to tell the tale.

Fountain of the Fiery Drake: At first glance, this draconic accent seems straightforward, but a quick adjustment allows it to breathe flame.

Basalt Pillar, Glowing: Though touching this lava-formed pillar bare-handed is inadvisable at best—it contains a molten core—gently blowing on it might just brighten its glow a bit. Try it and see!

New Antiquities

There is one new Antiquity to find in Western Skyrim: its Antique Map. Much like other Zones’ Antique Maps, the Lead for this Map can be purchased at many vendors across Western Skyrim, but only if you’ve completed the Pathfinder Achievement for the zone.

New Battleground Collectibles

Three new emotes are available for you to collect in this update by completing Battlegrounds!

Scorching Chaos Ball Emote: Occasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn’s Reward Box, earned by completing Battlegrounds.

Chaos Ball Victory Dance Emote: Occasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn’s Reward Box, earned by completing Battlegrounds.

Chaos Ball Boom Emote: Occasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn’s Reward Box, earned by completing Battlegrounds.

System Mail Deletion & Organization Changes

Beginning with this update, System Mails will now remain in your inbox for a limited time, after which they will be deleted. This mirrors the current behavior of player-sent mail.

System Mails include:

Mails sent by NPCs (such as Hirelings)

Mails containing Collector’s Edition rewards

Mails sent for completing PvP activities (such as Rewards for the Worthy and Battleground completion rewards)

Mails sent for completing random dungeon runs, such as Premium Undaunted Exploration Supplies mails

Mails containing Guild Trader purchases

Mails that have been ‘bounced’ from another player (such as CoD items that have been refused)

When this update launches, all System Mails you currently have in your inbox will be given a timer of 30 days. When that timer gets close to running out, the mail will be highlighted with red text and iconography to indicate it will soon expire. When a System Mail’s timer expires, that mail (and any items or gold that might be attached to it) will be deleted.

In addition, for Keyboard/Mouse mode only, we’ve added headers to separate player-sent mails from System Mails.


You may experience some temporary rain or strange lighting while indoors in the Autumn’s Gate, Old Mistveil Manor, and Golden Gryphon Garret homes. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.


While we’ve made some improvements to your inventory’s category and search functionality, you may run into some increased load times for certain operations in banks with high item counts. We’re working on a fix for an upcoming incremental patch.