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The Finals Open-Beta With Crossplay Launches Tomorrow, New Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay

The Finals is a PvP first-person shooter that pits you against teams of three in a colosseum setting where you’ll take advantage of incredibly destructible environments to achieve victory.

The free-to-play shooter was first introduced earlier this year with a closed beta, and now tomorrow, October 26, 2023 players across all platforms will be able to jump into an open beta, which will support cross-play.

It’ll run from October 26-November 5, which gives players a bit more than a week to put The Finals through its paces, across PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

A new trailer was revealed during the Xbox Partner Showcase, to announce the beta and show off some new gameplay, that you can check out for yourself, below.

The teams of 3, and general look at feel of your objective being to collect some prized loot, you’re probably not alone in mixing up The Finals with the now cancelled Hyenas.

If not for the fact that this was an Xbox show, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was FAIRGAME$ from Haven.

There’s a lot initially about the look of The Finals that feels like it could run a similar course to Hyenas, or one of the other online shooters in the last two years that have all felt like they came and went within months.

The FPS genre is so, so crowded with games, and there’s only really a few games that really hit those huge levels of success that can keep a game running for years.

It would be great to see The Finals succeed, especially because what it’s doing with the destruction of the world feels like a more condensed version of the destruction you’d expect from something like Battlefield.

Which isn’t too surprising considering that there are developers from DICE who’ve since left and are working on The Finals. But it’s always great to see new games come in and shake up the genre a little bit more.

Not every shooter fan is always keen to be playing a new Call Of Duty game every year.

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