The Last Guardian tips and tricks – How to master Trico

The Last Guardian can be a tricky game to play with its environment-based puzzles causing more than a few head-scratching moments. So, we’ve put together some The Last Guardian tips to help you learn how to control Trico effectively, and some of the stuff you should look out for to avoid too much frustration.

trico ready to jump

Note – Some of these tips could be deemed as spoilers. So, if you want no help whatsoever don’t read on. However, we assure you that there are no story spoilers here, or big moments ruined.

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Trico can be a stubborn beast, yet the idea of the game is to move from one area to the next with him right behind you, or sometimes ahead of you, while working out how you can both reunite in the same place before moving on.

How to control Trico and make him responsive

  • Make Trico follow you by calling him – that’s a simple press down on the right bumper. Sometimes he’ll be stubborn and you’ll have to patient before he arrives at the exact spot you’ve requested, and other times he won’t move at all.

        – You’ll know if Trico isn’t coming because he’ll usually lie down, before you’re greeted with a voiceover requesting that he wants you to collect barrels, which you’ll use to feed him.

  • Keep Trico content by finding barrels and bringing them to him. Throw the barrel right in front of him, or hold it in front of him so he can swipe it you of your hands with his jaws.
  • After a traumatic time, Trico may act erratically – jumping up or down or roaring. Jump on his back and hold down Circle to stroke him so he calms down. He’ll then be much more responsive to your requests.
  • Pull spears from out of Trico’s back so he’s not in pain. Simply crawl towards them, hold down Circle, and use your left thumbstick to remove them.
  • When you unlock further commands for Trico, he’ll be far more responsive. Point in a certain direction to command him to move that way, or blast through wooden gates by commanding him to charge.
  • Be patient with Trico. Sometimes it pays to just sit on his back and watch where he goes. He may lift you up to a ledge, or give you another viewpoint where you’ll soon discover which way to head.

trico looking for barrels

Can’t find you way out of an area?

There’s always a way out, so follow these tips:

  • Survey your surroundings multiple times. Look high for platforms that Trico could leap to, look for ledges that the boy could jump to, small holes or gaps in the rocks that he could squeeze through.
  • If you’ve got the mirrored shield, remember you can blast at frail objects, such as wooden panels and glass eyes.
  • Rotate the camera near edges of cliffs or structures to see if there’s somewhere to drop down too or a ledge to cling onto.
  • Look out for green climbing plants on the surface of rocks. They’ll help you reach new heights.
  • If a gate looks locked, remember that the boy is only slim. He may still be able to slip through it.
  • Pay attention to butterflies. Sometimes they’ll fly around where there’s a crate or something else that may aid you in your journey.
  • Monitor Trico’s behaviour. Sometimes he’ll look towards a certain area which will give you a hint of where you should head.
  • If you’re unsure, jump on Trico’s back and command him to jump. He’ll often find platforms that at first look too far or too small to jump to, but you’ll surprised what he can do.
  • Don’t be afraid to make big jumps. The boy can jump from quite a height without dying, and as you progress Trico can leap huge distances.
  • Trico can often squeeze through gaps that look far too small for him.

Other The Last Guardian tips

  • Save on load times when you die by mashing on all the buttons to quickly get back into the game.
  • Totally stuck? Die. Sometimes it will load you back up right in front of the solution.

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