The Last Guardian trailer is an emotional ride

Sony has debuted a brand new trailer for The Last Guardian during its PlayStation Experience 2016 keynote over the weekend, bringing an end to an extensive pre-release marketing campaign as the game launches in stores tomorrow.

The new footage is complemented by a stunning score that is sure to tug at your heartstrings, as the we’re treated to some beautiful vistas as the young boy and his beastly guardian explore stunning environments and battle foes. We’re also reminded of the game’s predecessors, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus, reminding us just how long we’ve been waiting for The Last Guardian to hit shelves.

The Last Guardian trailer – check it out below

The Last Guardian is scheduled for release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in the U.S. tomorrow and in the U.K. on Friday. Developed by Sony and genDESIGN, the game was originally announced at E3 2009 for the PS3, before development shifted to the PS4 a few years later amidst various production issues. 

Created by Fumito Ueda, who worked on the PS2 classics ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian follows the story of a young boy who is trapped within heavily-fortified walled structure, and must find his way out by overcoming various traps and environmental puzzles. While there, he befriends Trico; a large, benevolent creature that aids him in escaping the castle and fending off its hostile inhabitants. 

Check out The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition unboxed in all its glory and stay tuned for our The Last Guardian review later today.