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The Last Of Us Part 2 Gameplay Highlights From Naughty Dog In Today’s State Of Play


The Last of Us Part 2 has seen some extensive gameplay shown at today’s State of Play by Naughty Dog and we have collected the highlights for you here, detailing everything of note we saw.

We start off the demo by seeing Ellie swimming and dodging the Washington Liberation Front who are a new human faction. She is able to traverse the water similar to Joel in the first game. We see her simultaneously transition from a gameplay sequence to a cutscene, with no black bars or loading screen.

Ammo and crafting materials can once again be picked up easily. We see her use the new pistol suppressor, allowing Ellie to remain in stealth easier than Joel was able to. She appears to have lighter footsteps than Joel and is able to jog up to enemies from behind without them hearing.

Molotovs are once again back, along with medkits. Ellie’s bow appears to be faster to draw and have less sway than Joel’s. Enemies react to deaths and will yell their names. Humans can also be used as a human shield. Later on, we see Ellie straight up knock a dude’s head off with a spiked fence post, a new melee weapon.

Ellie can crawl in vents and survey the area before dropping down. We then see her confront a character called Nora who Ellie already knows.

You can rewatch the demo from State of Play below:

The Last Of Us Part 2’s State of Play was announced earlier this week and is likely to be the last PS4-focused State of Play from Sony. With the PS5 reveal event all but confirmed to arrive next week, we should expect Sony to focus almost entirely on their next-generation console from the first week of June onwards.

Naughty Dog will be producing a podcast going in-depth on both of the games in the coming future. The game has also reportedly been banned in the Middle East after multiple reports from different countries.

The Last of Us Part 2 releases for PS4 on June 19.