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The Last Of Us Part 2’s Laura Bailey Expected Some Hate, But ‘Didn’t Anticipate The Extent’ Of It

Laura Bailey, the voice actress behind Abby Anderson in Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us Part 2, has touched base on the negative feedback from fans over her character, admitting she ‘didn’t anticipate the extent’ of the hateful comments she received.

Speaking with Game Informer, Bailey commented that she expected some backlash, but wasn’t prepared for the amount of negativity she received.

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I knew that there would be backlash for sure. I knew that I was going to get some hate. I didn’t anticipate the extent.

It was the perfect storm. I think the leaks had a lot to do with it. If your first experience with that had been in the game, and then you kept moving forward, you would have had the growth and understanding. But the leaks came out a couple months in advance; you had months of people forming barriers and forming walls before they were able to understand Abby’s side of it, and therefore a lot of people never were able to.

The Last of Us Part 2 was released for the PS4 in June, and you can read our review here.

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