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The Last Of Us Part 3 Is Reportedly In Development At Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is currently developing with The Last of Us Part 3 with Neil Druckmann at the helm, according to ViewerAnon, an industry mostly credited with accurate leaks regarding movies.

Posting on Twitter, the tipster claims that a new Uncharted is in production at another studio, which ties in with previous reports about a reboot being handled by someone other than Naughty Dog. ViewerAnon also claims that The Last of Us Part 3 will follow after The Last of Us Factions.

It goes without saying, but it’s best to take this with a huge pinch of salt for the time being. However, given the success of The Last of Us and its sequel, it’s not all that surprising Naughty Dog would want to work on a third game.

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Meanwhile, it’s worth remembering that Naughty Dog and Sony’s Visual Arts studio are working on an ‘AAA’ title, which may or may not be The Last of Us Part 3. It’s almost certainly not a new Uncharted at this point, although a new IP isn’t out of the question.

The Last of Us is coming to HBO in January 2023, and the original game was recently remastered for the PS5 in the shape of The Last of Us: Part I.

[Source – ViewerAnon on Twitter via Insider-Gaming]