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The Last Of Us Part I Will Support VRR, 4K At 40FPS And 4K At 60FPS, It’s Been Claimed

The same leaker who claims there are “no gameplay improvements” in The Last Of Us Part I, and who also leaked out footage and images of the game, also claims that it’ll support features like VRR, 4K at 40FPS, and 4K at 60FPS.

The 4K at 40FPS is said to be a “Gameplay Mode”, while the 4K at 60FPS is said to be the “Dynamic Mode”. Those two resolution modes, and the support for VRR are the only graphical features claimed to be included so far.

Again, all of this is still unconfirmed, so it is likely that these modes will be further detailed the closer we get to the game’s September launch.

Despite that, these two modes at least look to make sense, considering the scale of this upgraded version.

At the very least these numbers are exciting for fans who are looking to play this beloved classic with all the graphical power the PS5 can throw at it.

Though the real show will be when it finally comes to PC, and we see just how much better modern graphics cards can make the giraffe scene look.

Source – [VGC]