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The New Model PS5 Is No Better Or Worse Than The Launch Model

Testing is in from multiple outlets, and most recently, Digital Foundry and Gamers Nexus weighed in on the issue that PlayStation players have been worried about, that being whether or not these new model PS5’s are actually better or worse than the launch model, and the answer is that neither is better or worse, it’s still just a PS5.

Each outlet presented their own video on the topic, with Digital Foundry testing the differences between the consoles on a performance level, while Gamer’s Nexus focused on the potential temperature differences between the hardware.

In both cases, neither of them recommended you attempt to find one or the other, they’re both PS5’s, and they both work as intended, and as Digital Foundry points out, changes like this are as intended, and nothing new.

You can watch Digital Foundry’s video here:

You can watch Gamer’s Nexus’ video here:

During Mark Cerny’s lecture at last year’s GDC, prior to the console being shown, Cerny explained the custom SOC Clock Sony uses, as a way to only use the amount of power needed for each game, a figure that Sony determines from player data constantly being sent in from the millions of consoles already being enjoyed.

So while changes like making the heatsink smaller may seem at first odd or worrisome, its in fact much more likely Sony made the heatsink smaller because their test numbers showed them that it was a viable option, and also potentially made the console cheaper to make even.

What’s most important however that both Gamer’s Nexus and Digital Foundry stressed is that if you don’t want to be worried about your console, then make sure to maintain it. Keep it in an open space, not confined within a media cabinet and clean out the dust every once and a while. I recently cleaned mine for the first time since I got it at launch, and to say it was overdue would be an understatement.

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