The ‘Next’ MGS targets high-end consoles and PC

Kojima Productions is now advertising for new recruits to add to Kojima Productions under the banner ‘Development Without Borders,’ a play-on the group that Naked Snake lead in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

The ad directs those intrigued to join Kojima Productions at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco’s Career Pavilion between March 6 and March 9 for more information. KP advertises for engineers, artists, and game creators that can:

-"the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC"

-"help develop next-gen game engine technology for use with the ‘FOX’ Engine"

-"Brand Manager"

As expected, KP doesn’t give much away in terms of game details, but it does include an early art piece that definitely has the traditional MGS artistic feel, which I’ve included below. From the way it looks, it could involve the official beginnings of Outer Heaven, which would extend more of the Big Boss story. What do you guys think it could be, or what would you guys like to see out of this?