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The Plane Effect For PS5 Is A Dystopia Where Space And Time Distorts Around You As You Try To Get Home From Work


The Plane Effect is a newly announced PS5 dystopian puzzle game from Studio Kiku and PQube focused on exploring a distorted world as you try to make it home from work.

You play as Solo and it is your last day at the office, with time coming to head back home to your family. But, as time and space distort Solo has to navigate dangerous paths and take on challenging tasks, all as they begin to lose their grip on what is real and what is not. Logic will be needed to solve puzzles all which adversity tries to take Solo down as he makes his way back home to his family.

The game looks promising and reminds us a lot of Mosaic from last year, which was excellent as you can read about in our review. You can watch the reveal trailer for The Plane Effect on PS5 below:

The Plane Effect releases for PS5 in 2021.