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The Quarry Launch Trailer Prepares You For Supermassive Games’ Latest Teen Horror

Supermassive Games has unleashed a spine-chilling launch trailer for The Quarry, the studio’s latest foray into teen horror-slasher and the spiritual successor to 2015’s Until Dawn.

Check it out below.

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The Quarry is everything you’d want from a teen-horror summer blockbuster flick, right down to its star-studded cast including Scream’s David Arquette and A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Lin Shaye among others.

Focusing on nine young camp counsellors, The Quarry takes place in Upstate New York at Hackett’s Quarry, where the protagonists are hunted down by malevolent locals and ‘something far more sinister.’ As in Supermassive Games tradition, your choices will determine who lives and survives the night, and there’s a 168 unique endings to unlock as a result.

If you don’t fancy playing the game, you can always plump for the Movie Mode, which allows you to enjoy The Quarry without actually pressing a button.