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theHunter Call of the Wild Gets Medved-Taiga Map and Massive Update 1.05

We here at PlayStation Universe (well two of us at least) quite enjoyed theHunter: Call of the Wild. While it is an admittedly decent hunting sim, it was as a virtual relaxing trek through the wilderness that it caught our attention.

The almost organic, scenic beauty of the game’s huge maps made for one chilled out ramble without the fear of ticks and Witches, Blair or otherwise. Now console players of Call of the Wild can experience the snow-swept great outdoors when the Medved-Taiga map arrives for the game on Tuesday March 6.

Developer Expansive Worlds released this DLC map for the PC version in October last year, and it throws up a host of new challenges and animals to hunt.

The open world of Medved-Taiga National Park measures 25 square miles (64 square kilometers), the same impressive size as previous maps Hirschfelden and Layton Lake District. It features a brand new narrative thread, with 32 missions, 50 side missions and countless unique sights to discover.

Despite its grim appearance, Medved-Taiga National Park is bustling with life. You will find prey like Musk Deer, Reindeer, and Wild Boar. There’s some larger beasts too. Moose are found on these plains, as are fearsome Brown Bear. Perhaps most unique of all is the highly intelligent and stealthy Lynx.

The story (because surprisingly, there is a story behind each map) sees you take on the role of an expert survivalist and hunter contracted to assist Alena Khasavovna and her scientific expedition. You must help the locals and make sure everyone gets through the expedition in one piece. But it won't be easy.

On PC, players can play on any map in a multiplayer game. So while the DLC is going to cost a bit extra, you can hopefully still see Medved-Taiga for yourself even without buying.

In addition to the DLC, there’s a significant new free patch with update 1.05 for the base game and the DLC. It brings many, many improvements with it.

You can read the full list of patch notes for update 1.05 below.

theHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.05 Patch Notes

-Added Medved-Taiga (optional paid DLC), a new hunting area that includes 32 main missions, 50 side missions, 4 new huntable animal species, and more. You can purchase this reserve to start games on it or join a multiplayer game with this reserve for free. Check the Xbox Games Store or PSN store for more information

-Various game improvements including multiplayer spotting, customisable colour variations for active/inactive tracks and collectibles, backpacks, and more.

-Numerous bug fixes and mission fixes

Full Patch Notes update 1.05 and DLC

Medved-Taiga (Paid DLC)

*Added Medved-Taiga Reserve - 25 square miles of new hunting ground

*Added Lynx, Brown Bear, Reindeer, Musk Deer

*Added 32 main and 50 side missions

*Added new narrative and reserve “warden”, Alena with new voice over

*Added Arctic Outfit (Medved-Taiga not needed, available for in-game currency)

Major Changes (Free Update 1.05)

*Multiplayer Spotting - When you spot an animal with your binoculars, all players in your proximity also see that animal highlighted in the game world.

*Xbox: Added Host Migration - This will allow you to keep playing the multiplayer session when the host leaves. A new host will be chosen by the game automatically.

*Overhauled all audio (increased quality and higher usage)

*Added setting for color variations to active / inactive tracks and collectibles

*HUD can now be enabled / disabled in the Settings

*New sound for predator - “Distressed” caller

*Added backpacks

*Added manual reload

*Added manual chambering

*Animals no longer get stuck when luring them to an outpost

*Added player death sequence and ragdoll

*Updated hit reaction and injured animations for bears

*Codex is now opened automatically when interacting with landmarks and cairns - this also works retroactively

*Exchanged the voice over line for “There is a track nearby”

*Updated reserve selection screen

*Added new loading screens

*Updated footstep sounds for animals depending on material they walk on

*Red Deer will now poop correctly

*Fixed thoraic spine shots on moose

*Bow and arrow of other players are now held in their different hands

*Additional animations for bears when spooked

*Improved syncing of reload animations for shotguns (every skill level)

*Old clues from actively tracked animals no longer disappear randomly

*Increased the 12-Gauge Buckshot's base damage per pellet

*Fixed bug where the pellet spread for the Caversham 12-gauge shotgun was very wide with all ammo types

Minor Changes (Free Update 1.05)

*Added weapon score information to Hunter Profile Card

*Unlimited ammunition is no longer displayed when entering the shooting range with a weapon without ammunition

*Setting the compass to “fixed” now works properly with only the needle rotating

*Added holstering sounds for rifles

*Improved bleed rates

*Fixed display bug with “Ranger” perk regarding distances

*Added player death notifications in the chat log

*Player name colors now match player icons on the map

*Added contextual help for ATV when entering for the first time

*Multiplayer harvest messages in the chat will now display the accumulated harvest score for the animal harvested instead of the base animal score.

*Fixed reindeer internal organ skinning

*Improved bear internal organ shoulder skinning

*Improved antler rattler sound

*Fixed bug where using multiple weapons using the same ammunition could result in a negative total ammunition count.

Mission Changes (Free Update 1.05)

*A FAMILY PICTURE: changed objective from taking a photo of 2 bears in one photo to a two photos of 2 different bears.

*JÄGER #4: changed deer rank requirement from GOLD to SILVER and added a distance requirement

*JÄGER #7: changed deer rank condition from GOLD to SILVER

*SOMMER #2: removed the high scoring animal requirement.

*SOMMER #7: changed the amount of GOLD score roe deer harvests needed from 4 to 2

*BEATTY #4: changed trophy rating from GOLD to SILVER and tweaked photography parameters to make it easier to take a suitable photo

*SCENIC WEATHER #2: photography objective will now accept a greater diversity of photos and is easier to complete

*BEATTY #4: clarified the trophy score requirement for the moose

*BEATTY #7 - Changed weight requirement from 650 to 520

*JÄGER #4: clarified the exact trophy score requirements for the fallow deer

*THE WERECOYOTE - Fixed an issue where the Werecoyote was not spawning for some players

*CONNI #10 - Removed the game score requirement

*SOMMER #7 - Changed the location requirement from Spreeberg Castle to Spreeberg, the game score requirement from “GOLD or greater” to “SILVER or greater,” and the required amount of harvests from 2 to 3

*BHANDARI #3 - Removed the game score requirement

*FLEISCHER #3 - Removed game score requirement and changed the mission to require 2 harvests instead of just 1

*FLEISCHER #5 - Changed the location from Jonsdorf Lake to Jonsdorf and the weight requirement from 120 to 180 or greater

*HOPE #5 - changed the harvested animal from blacktail deer to whitetail deer

*HOPE #7 - Changed the harvest animal from blacktail deer to whitetail deer

*HOPE #8 - Removed shotgun requirement and changed the required amount of harvests from 1 to 2

*DOC #7 - Removed score requirement

*DOC #9 - changed the required location from Kraken Highs to Mount Kraken and removed the weight requirement

*DOC #18 - Updated the objective description to include the bow requirement

*DOC #20 - Removed GOLD score and during night requirement

*VUALEZ #9 - Removed game score requirement

*CONNORS #10 - Changed the total score requirement from GOLD to SILVER

*JÄGER #4 - removed the distance requirement for this mission

*SOMMER #7 - changed the required location from Spreeberg Castle to Spreeberg