Three Kingdom Hearts PSP trailers

Whatever you might think of Square Enix’s track record on PlayStation 3, the company certainly has a soft spot for the PlayStation Portable. Alongside the rather awesome-looking Dissidia: Final Fantasy, which launches today in Japan, the company is bringing potentially killer properties Final Fantasy Agito XIII, an RPG set in the same universe as Final Fantasy XIII, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, a prequel to the original, spectacular Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation 2.

We’ve managed to snap up three spring-fresh gameplay trailers of the latter. Birth by Sleep splits its three storylines or scenarios between Terra, Ventus and Aqua, Keyblade-wielding characters briefly introduced in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The graphics are as good if not better than those of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and the combat is of the satisfying, thrashy variety. Square Enix has thrown together a new character development system, button-bashy special fighting modes and multiplayer support this time round.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is down for a summer 2009 release in Japan. European and North American dates have yet to be announced.