Tips for Editing Your Game Videos

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YouTube has many gaming channels with millions of subscribers. These channels post gaming videos and successfully garner millions of views, with some of them reaching this number of views within 24 hours only. In such a competitive landscape, it is vital to know how to stay ahead of your opponents. So, what is their secret recipe?

In this post, we’ll provide some useful ideas and pointers to edit your gaming video, which will, in turn, help you get a significant increase in your subscribers.

1. Game Video Quality

Ensure that the screen quality of your gaming video is excellent. If you use a PS4, you have access to videos that have already been rendered in 4K. Don’t forget to remove any settings that may result in pop-ups, ads, etc. If you use a PC, check your computer before playing and recording so that no glitches come up during the game.

2. Maintain The Video’s Color

The editor’s work is more than simply maintaining order and speed. It’s also critical for the color to be accurate. You’ll need to color correct each clip for consistency before grading the entire film to give your video a more polished appearance. You don’t have to make everything of the same hue, but a grade may make all the difference to the final result and transform an amateur video into something much more professional.

Color grading uses the same tools like color correction, filters, and effects, to give your gaming video a more dramatic feel. This is a creative process that differs from editor to editor. However, good brightness-contrast combinations include 30% / 20% and 20% /15%.

3. Trimming

If you’re an editor, trimming is the most crucial tool you’ll ever use. Once you have made several clips from your gaming video, trim the starts and ends of each one. This will exclude frames where nothing noteworthy appears to have occurred from the film, allowing you to focus on the crucial moments you want to emphasize.

4. Audio Quality

The game’s audio is one aspect that may enhance immersion by tying everything together. A vital step is to remove background noise from the video as it can even be the distinction between victory and defeat for players. Quality audio not only enhances the game experience but also adds to the overall user’s enjoyment.

audio quality

It’s a game-changing learning element for online multiplayer gaming video viewers. High-quality audio is a must-have for the first-person shooter genre. Whether you’re up against an NPC (non-player character) or a real player, it’s critical to hear and locate your adversaries before they can see or hear you. And your gaming video should include these scenes without any background noise.

5. Game Commentary

Never upload a gaming video without the game’s audio. A much better idea is to include your narrative or audio overlay as well. Audiences relate to and connect with commentators as people or characters with an attitude, nature, and personality. Your commentary will educate the viewers and add enjoyment, perspective, humor, and insights to their viewing experience. For recording your voice, use headphones that have built-in microphones.

6. Transition Effects

Using smooth transitions will enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your video. Scenes may naturally transition from one to the next with the use of transitions. Most video editors’ effects menus are packed with transitions, making it difficult to pick one. Many people make a mistake by adding all of these transitions in their final video, believing that it would appear more sophisticated and tech-savvy. In reality, they may often make your project appear shoddy and underwhelming. If you still want to add some, you can use the following top transitions:

  • Cut: In this day and age of technology, it’s easy to be pulled into cool effects. A cut transition is the quickest, smoothest, and cleanest way to go from one image or video clip to the next. Make certain that you make the cut at the right moment and nothing vital is omitted. Also, avoid jump cuts.
  • Dissolve: With this effect, the transition from one clip to the next is smooth since the two clips are layered together. It’s something you see all the time and don’t even realize: and that’s the point. A dissolve is a subtle technique to convey to the viewers that time, place, or subject matter has passed. When employing dissolves, keep in mind that you should only use them for a certain reason. They don’t need to be there between every shot. Also, consider the required time to break down the substance. The industry standard dissolve time is one second.
  • Fade: A ‘fade to black’ and ‘fade up from black’ functions are similar to the dissolve transition effect. However, it’s more dramatic than the dissolve. Instead of cutting between frames, they gradually fade in and out of darkness to build tension from the get-go.

7. Add a Thumbnail

First impressions matter, and your YouTube thumbnail serves as your channel’s initial impression. Thumbnails should be eye-catching and notify a potential viewer what the gaming video will be about.

Viewers will glance at thumbnails before reading your gaming video’s title on YouTube because it is largely a visual medium. Your thumbnail should quickly pique the interest of your audience.

8. Use a Video Editing Software

Your game video software for editing will assist in saving time, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity. Some good software you can use include Movavi, Shotcut, LWKS, and FXhome. Not only are they powerful in their features, but also user-friendly and easy to use too.

The secret to growing your YouTube gaming channel is to understand the above basics of video editing. Once you master these, consistency and quality content will itself bring in more subscribers.