Titanfall 2 guide – 5 ways to use your Titan to your advantage

Our next batch of Titanfall 2 tips looks at how you can utilise your mechanical companion to your advantage.

The relationship between pilot and Titan is an instrumental component in Titanfall 2, as was the case with the original game. Simply put, you won’t get far without your colossal companion in Respawn Entertainment’s PlayStation 4 sequel, and knowing how to take advantage of your Titan buddy is a vital component in getting the best out of skirmishes. 

5 ways to use a Titan to your advantage in Titanfall 2 

1. Pilots can’t die inside

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot be harmed while inside your Titan by outside enemy players, so use this to your advantage when participating in game modes that require you to score kills on pilots, such as Skirmish & TDM with no AI bots. Taking refuge inside your Titan will give greatly increase your chances of survival, so use it to your advantage as much as possible

2. Guard a hard point  

Titans can prove a valuable ally when you are playing a game mode involving objective points that require you to defend from enemies. Keeping a Titan in guard mode is extremely handy for this, as it will stick in one place and defend the position, letting you move freely around the map and attempt to flank the enemy while your Titan does the dirty work. 

3. Give a friend a ride


Enemy players can jump onto the back of your Titan and deal some extra damage. But, did you know that friendly players can also hop on for a ride? If your team are trying to transport the objective in a game mode like Capture The Flag, why not help them out with a lift. Using Northstar or Ronan, two of the fastest Titans, you can help your team quickly move about the map, which is made even more useful if they’re carrying the flag. A Titan can’t carry a flag, but a pilot on its back can.

4. Lock down an area with Scorch  

Each Titan has its own set of weapons and core abilities. These can be used to take down enemy pilots and Titans, but also for locking down an area and supporting your team. Using Scorch with long-lasting fire abilities, like flame core and firewall, will help slow down the enemy players and make them keep their distance. Stick Scorch down a narrow pathway and turn up the heat.

5. Equip an AI chip

When creating your pilot load-out, you’re able to select certain modifications that will make a difference to your Titan. One of these options is adding an AI Chip. This will make your Titan more effective without you piloting it. While you do lose out on other mods, like extra core charge and nuclear eject, your mind will be put a little bit at ease knowing your Titan is able to handle its own without you.