Titanfall 2 guide – top 5 ways to defeat a Titan

Check out these Titanfall 2 tips and find out how to defeat a Titan the easy way.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 has finally stomped down on PlayStation 4 this past week, bringing with it its successful blend of first-person shooter combat and mech-tastic warfare. Still, while you’ll be buddying up with a Titan during the main campaign, players will still need to face off against these mechanical behemoths during skirmishes, and they’re not exactly a walk in the park to put down. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help with our handy Titanfall guide, so get stuck in and arm yourself some Titan-sized info bursts. 

5 ways to take down a Titan in Titanfall 2

1. Grenadier weapons

The Grenadier weapon option is new to Titanfall 2, and presents a vital tool in helping to take down these hulking adversaries. The weapon fires projectile-based attacks, which can only only damage the Titan itself, but also the pilot, increasing your chances of neutralising one of these foes. Included in the Grenadier class is an adhesive grenade launch known as R-6P Softball and EPG-1, a single-fire energy launcher, plus more. Players are best advised to equip one of these as a secondary weapon when in combat against Titans. 

2. AMP your weapons

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer allows you to strap on a range of boosts for your pilot’s loadout, which are earned by netting pilot kills, damaging Titans and other activities. AMP is one such boost, which supercharges your weapon allowing it to inflict greater damage than it normally would. In addition, it also makes your firepower more effective against Titan armor, and works for both your primary and secondary weapons. As such, this boost is a great tool to have when facing off against Titans; combined with the aforementioned grenadier weapon class, it’s a brilliant strategy for taking out these mechanical beasts. 

3. Steal a battery

Another new mechanic introduced in Titanfall 2 is the battery. Every one of the game’s Titans possesses this item, and not only that, but they can be removed by the player if you successfully mount one, which in turn removes some of the Titan’s health. The best part? You can then place the battery in a friendly Titan to give it a health boost. So, when in combat against these colossal foes, it’s always worth to see if you are able to pinch their battery to even the odds a little.

4. Team up

You’d have to be one larger short of a full crate to face off against a Titan alone, so make sure you team up before attempting to take down these colossal foes. Simply put, it’s going to be a lot more effective taking down a Titan with the combined firepower of your group, plus it’ll be harder for your enemy to focus on you with multiple opponents to contend with. 

5. Initiate Titanfall 

What is the most satisfying ways to take down a Titan? Dropping your own out of the sky. Pick the right spot, time it accurately and your inbound Titan can come crashing down on top of the enemy, instantly reducing it to a pile of scrap. While the chances of achieving this is pretty slim, it’s definitely possible and ultimately one of the coolest and most satisfying ways to defeat a Titan.