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Tofu From Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Been Misgendered For 10 Years


[UPDATE] Okay, so the plot thickens. From what we’ve seen of Tofu after completing the Resident Evil 2 Remake (read the review), he’s definitely a male. So, it appears that it isn’t the Resi fans that had misgendered Tofu, but Capcom PR who released the statement that you can read in the original story below.

[Original Story] It appears that Tofu, the secret character that first appeared in the original Resident Evil 2 (and now appears in the Remake) is female and not a male, as believed for over 10 years.

You’d actually think that if a piece of Tofu does have a gender identity it would perhaps be non-binary, neither exclusively masculine of feminine, but no: Tofu is definitely female.

After years of being identified as “he” in articles, including Polygon’s recent Everything We Know About Tofu article, Resident Evil wiki pages and fan sites, we now know that Tofu is a woman/girl. In the embargoed notes we received with our review code, it’s confirmed in the few details we were given about the Tofu Survivor Mode.

“The Tofu Survivor – This fan favourite mode returns from the original! Play as Tofuor one of her tasty allies as you try and survive the deadly viral outbreak in Raccoon City. Tofu may have a sweet face but trust us, she is dangerous and can hold her own!”

Of course, Tofu could have had gender re-assignment or just identifies as female now. We’ve reached out to Capcom for further clarification. If you have any tip-offs let us know.

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