Top 10 sexiest PlayStation game characters

Open the checklist: Good girls? Check. Bad girls? Check. Man-slaying hotties? Check. Ludicrously fit skull crushers? Check! Over time, the gaming industry did what we were always afraid to ask, they fulfilled our dreams and sexual fantasies. The characters from our naughty imagination became a virtual reality, they took shape and some of them became international sex symbols. For some of us, these female goddesses of unparalleled beauty make our hearts skip beats, and raise our blood pressure. In fact the only thing preventing our peanutty buddies from exploding are these women not being in the kitchen. Honestly, which one of you have experience the following scenario: played a game while your wife or girlfriend is sitting next to you busy doing her things, while you are one-on-one with your virtual idol, then bam, next thing you know that Pussy Cat Dolls song comes on the radio in the background with these lyrics, “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” while you hide tears of joy, quietly admitting to yourself—sure hell, I DO!

Here at PlayStation Universe we think the same, we feel for you, and we also have a passion for beautiful women. And not just any women, but virtual ones. That is why we compiled our list of TOP 10 sexiest PlayStation game characters. In making this list we tried to cover every fetish taste, if it happens that you are unable to find your special girl in this list, do not be sad, instead write to us in the comments section and let everyone know who you’d like to see in the list.


10. It was a hard decision, but we think this lady was often overlooked in choice of some other beauties. We thought this can’t go on, therefore we gave her a spot on our list. Lady characters dressed in a military outfit are hard to come by these days, neglecting the fact that Sniper Wolf appeared only in one of many Metal Gear Solid series makes her even more unique. She’s dressed in a tight military camouflage suit that helps to outline that stunning figure, while her tight open top houses those massive melons, which helps to distract enemies’ attention while she makes a bird house out of their heads with the massive sniper-rifle she carries around. This character takes a special place in our hearts so we put her on a solid 10th place.

Why we love her: Serious women in a military uniform are hard to come by these days.

9. I want to make a confession; this is my type of thing! If there is anything in this world that makes me click just like that, it is bunny ears. Having spent years begging my then girlfriend, now wife, to wear bunny ears, without any results, I had to resort to buying Final Fantasy XII to get my portion of bunny-ear goodness. Fran is one of those characters that you never seem to find the right words to describe her. She is a gorgeous and magical creature; she is the representation of a playboy fantasy: tall like a super model, her body is perfect from every angle, long and straight legs, boobs that are not too big and not too small–sort of the right size–olive-toned skin and silky blonde hair to top it all off. As perfect as she is, Fran is never exaggerated by wielding a massive axe, instead she carries a bow and we have to admit, she is just amazing with it.

Why we love her: Fran is a perfect female version of Cupid. She’s got it all.

8. With God of War 3, Santa Monica studios pushed the visual boundaries so high that even now a year later, few game developers can reach that graphical bar. Along with the amazing-looking-20,000-polygons Kratos, Santa Monica also delivered Aphrodite, one of the best looking female characters in the GoW series, perhaps even on PS3. While many of us sat on the edge while battling massive titans, we have to admit that we felt just as excited playing a mini-game which let’s you show you have the balls to back up your might when it comes to the bedroom. This action is spiced by a peep-show organized by two of Aphrodite’s sex slaves craving for a slice of the action. Put it simply in Greek mythology: Aphrodite is a goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. In GoW she is a sex predator who can easily make a slave out of anyone using her amazing body, seduction skills, charisma and lack of clothes which we don’t mind at all since her topless body looks so damn good.

Why we love her: Aphrodite of God of War. She’s hot. She’s a goddess. You can bone her for points.

7. There are so many difficult choices when it comes to Soul Calibur; that game is designed for peanutty buddy pleasure. I’m conflicted but I have to stick to my roots and go with the statuesque Grecian beauty Sophitia Alexandra. Blonde hair, green eyes, and a body that could pass off as if it was sculpted from marble; Sophitia fulfills the Barbie niche that seems to be the go ahead on peanutty buddy friendly design that pleases a large enough market. I know it’s a cop-out, especially with the awesome selection of vixens Soul Calibur has to offer (Ivy, Taki. etc.) but can you blame me? Maybe it’s the Greek blood in me, but I’m making the safest selection based on her near universal friendly look. Besides, she’s a mom. Somebody say MILF?

We we love her: Last sentence says it all.

6. NOTICE: Fans of Jill Valentine, before slagging us off, take into account that we took our time debating this before making this decision.

There has been dozens of characters overlooked in every top 10 or 20 hottest girls list, our objective was to be different. That is why we had a lengthy session over Jill vs. Ada. Just as Sniper Wolf, we decided to give Ada a spot in our list. Some regard her as the queen of Resident Evil series, while others prefer Jill. The debate still rages on all over the Internet. What strikes us the most, besides her super-hot looks and how easy she pops zombies heads left and right, is the fact that producers chose her as a foundation for Alice of Resident Evil films, which is played by Milla Jovovich who definitely managed to deliver.

Why we love her: Super hot Chinese lady killing zombies, what is not to love?

 5. When is comes to creating a masterpiece in the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima knows his skills are better than anyone else. The Metal Gear series brought us quite a few sweet characters with genuine design; however, there is one that was created based on a real person. Naomi Hunter in MGS4 is based on famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci, who we suppose needs no introduction. To those of you that don’t know her, look at the movie Matrix Reloaded. Monica is one of the sexiest ladies in the world, having topped AskMen100’s most beautiful women in the world in 2004, to this day she is considered the sex symbol of Italy. It seems that Hideo Kojima is not only skilled with video games, but he also has an amazing taste for women. Having modeled Naomi Hunter on Monica during her prime age gives this game character a solid 5th place in our list.

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Why we love her: If you never found her attractive, then there is something wrong with you.

4. In this current gen we have seen a lot of innovation in terms of graphics, yet when it comes to gameplay, Quantic Dream delivered an experience like no other. Heavy Rain gives us an opportunity to play several characters. One character instantly caught out attention– Madison Paige. The single, 27-year-old journalist Madison lives alone in the city—puzzling because having looked on her “possessions,” or rather, nature’s gifts, it makes us wonder why is she single? Whenever you played HR and observed Madison’s wonderful body, and that infamous shower scene which gave you goose bumps, and her photo-realistic facial expressions, did you even wondered if she could exists in real life? Well good news, just as Naomi Hunter, Madison Paige was modeled on a real life British model that goes by the name Jacqui Ainsley. We have to admit, she looks stupendous.

Why we love her:
Beauty that looks so real.

3. Let’s face it: Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series is one handsome male character. In fact he is so charming that girls start quivering just by seeing his signature smile. I’ve proven this as a fact. Naughty Dog studio was clearly aware of this, which is why they perfectly balanced Drake out with Elena. Elena is one of the most amazing female characters ever. She’s got the style, she definitely has looks, an outstanding figure, and just like Drake she is extremely charismatic. Just as two other characters from this list, inspiration for Elena Fisher was taken from a real person—Emily Rose, but unlike our previous examples, this one looks quite different from the original. We just cannot wait for Uncharted 3 to hit the market; we are itching to get more of Elena.

Why we love her: Elena is like a fine French wine; she only gets better with age, in this case with every new Uncharted release.


2. Red heads anyone? Nariko is one of a kind, for some of us she is leaps and bounds better than anyone else on this list. This man-slaying sexy lass from Heavenly Sword is definitely a force to be reckoned with in terms of both beauty and style. Her personality is far from perfect; however, all the negatives are compensated in excess by her mind-blowing curves. Ninja-Theory put a lot of faith in Heavenly Sword as its masterpiece, the game is far from being perfect; however, they did create one masterpiece, and that is Nariko. If there is ever been a game character I wished existed in the flesh, it would be her, well maybe apart from our final contender.

Why we love her: Nariko has got one of the most amazing bodies in the video game industry, add to that her fearsome personality with mind-boggling sword combat skills and you get a perfect mix.

1. We know what you are going to say. But it has been almost 15 years and yes, Tifa Lockheart still to this day holds the crown in our top 10 list. This 20-year-old angel with DD-cups is the pinnacle of beauty, style, and personality. In the PSOne era, it would be hard to put Tifa anywhere on this list. Let’s face it, graphics weren’t up to the task, but Square managed to deliver a super life-like Tifa with the Advent Children motion picture that rapidly captured hearts and minds of gamers worldwide. Being one of the lead characters in the hugely successful Final Fantasy VII, she can easily be compared to the Ying and Yang symbol: kind, gentle and caring on one side, but deeply thoughtful, emotional fortitude, with a dark gothic twist on the other. It’s a perfect balance. With so much Tifa cosplay, and the realistic image from Advent Children, we could not help but believe that she could actually exist in real life.

What we love about her: Sexy physique, amazing physical abilities and sweet eyes!

Article by Vitali Sklifus.