Two new MotorStorm tracks coming to UK owners

Tired of driving around the same tracks over and over when playing a game of MotorStorm? Don’t sweat it; they’re bringing two new tracks your way. This Thursday, January 10th, all UK owners will be privileged with the opportunity to download two new tracks for the adrenaline-filled PS3 racer. 

The name of the first track you’ll be able to play is called, Diamondback Speedway. According to, this track will feature a high banking climate within the amphitheatre of Yei Bichei. The second track made available is called, Eagle’s Nest. This dangerous track is set up thousands of feet above the ground on hazardous high cliffs.

Those becoming bored with the usual tracks provided with the game will now be able to extend their experience just that much more. You’ll find this download available on the PlayStation Store for GBP 3.49 this Thursday. Happy racing!