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Ubisoft Has Announced It Is Laying Off 124 Employees Between Its Global IT Team And Montreal-Based VFX Team Hybride

2023 continues to prove it’s the year of whiplash in the gaming industry, because while we’re getting some of the best games ever all in one year, layoffs have, and continue to effect thousands of developers this year alone.

This time it’s Ubisoft announcing that it will layoff 124 employees between its Global IT Team and Hybride, Ubisoft’s VFX studio based in Montreal.

“Over the past few months, every team within Ubisoft has been exploring ways to streamline our operations and enhance our collective efficiency so that we are better positioned for success in the long term.” said the studio in a statement provided to VGC.

“In this context, today we announced that we are reorganizing our Canadian studios’ general and administrative functions and reducing headcount in Hybride (our VFX studio based in Montreal) and our global IT team, which impacts 124 positions overall.”

Ubisoft also clarified that “this restructuring does not affect our production teams,” as if to imply that these layoffs do not have an impact which could slow down development of any active projects.

And though Ubisoft doesn’t detail the support it’ll give those employees being laid off, it does say that “we are providing comprehensive support for our colleagues who will be leaving Ubisoft during this transition.

We also want to share our utmost gratitude and respect for their many contributions to this company.”

Source – [VGC]