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Embracer Group Layoffs Continue, This Time With Crystal Dynamics Being Hit

Crystal Dynamics is the latest to be hit by layoffs occurring across Embracer Group, after a massive deal with Saudi Arabia group Savvy Games.

Embracer Group stepped onto the games industry stage and began gobbling up studios like they were sweets, and seemingly put far too many eggs in the basket of its deal with Savvy Games going through.

When it didn’t, that meant Embracer went into a “restructuring” mode, and told players to expect the closure of studios, and layoffs, which we’ve already seen.

What makes the Crystal Dynamics layoffs concerning is how Embracer Group first stated that its restructuring wouldn’t impact the new Tomb Raider game currently being worked on at Crystal Dynamics.

For now it looks like these layoffs have been focused on Crystal Dynamics marketing teams, and while that might not slow down say work being done on a level’s design, it’s difficult to imagine it not having an effect on the game in the long run.

Hopefully those laid off are able to land on their feet as soon as possible, and these layoffs cease sooner than later from Embracer, who at the moment look to have bitten off far more than they can chew, resulting in a real human cost.

Source – [GamesRadar]