Ubisoft is selling a €50K Assassin’s Creed Origins gold headphone

assassins creed origins

Are you a rich dude? Are you or your folks teetering into the filthy rich or rich bastard category? If so, then we might have found just the thing for you to flaunt your wealth! Ubisoft has partnered with French jeweler Tournaire for an insanely expensive Assassin’s Creed Origins headphone covered in 18-carat gold for €50,000 a pop (about $5,800).

Here’s what it looks like. Note the gold trim and Assassin’s Creed insignia plastered all over it that adds that "lookit me! I’m rich and stupid" vibe.

assassins creed origins headset

That not enough? You can also get a bronze bust of Assassin’s Creed Origins’ protagonist Bayek to put the headphones on. And it’s an affordable €12,000 ($14,000+). There’s only 10 of these busts that will be on sale, and they’ll be numbered as well just to add to that whole "super exclusive" thing. 

assassins creed origins bust

So to get both, you’ll need to spend a whopping €62,000 ($72,000+). It’s a steep price to pay to prove to people how unique and insane you are. 

In other Assassin’s Creed Origins news, there’s a new game mode coming to the action game. Do check out our gameplay impressions of it from EGX 2017 as well to see how it’s shaping up.

Source: Videogamer