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Ubisoft Massive’s Star Wars Game Is Looking For Local Play Testers

If you by chance live in Malmö, Sweden, play video games, and are a Star Wars fan, or even if you’re not, then Ubisoft Massive just might be in need of your services as a play tester.

The studio put out a public call on its Twitter account, saying it is looking for people local to its headquarters in Malmö to come playtest its upcoming Star Wars game.

An exciting opportunity for anyone who checks off the required boxes, while for the rest of us not living in Malmö, it’s at the very least a hint that development is getting to a place where we may finally learn more about what this new game is.

We’ve known for some time that Ubisoft Massive is working on a new Star Wars game, however we also know that it’s supposed to release after the launch of its upcoming Avatar game.

However that title is said to launch sometime this coming spring, which hopefully means we’ll hear more about the new Star Wars title very soon.

Source – [Ubisoft Massive]