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Uncharted 4 release date narrowed down, due out by March 31, 2016?

Sony may have narrowed down the release date for Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Speaking during its Electronic Investor Relations Day, Sony chief Andrew House noted the lack of PS4-exclusives due out this year, describing the output as "a little sparse."

However, House specifically mentioned Uncharted 4 when highlighting the importance of exclusive software as part of the format holder’s FY 2015 strategy. 

Why is this noteworthy? Well, Sony’s FY 2015 wraps on March 31, 2016. In other words, if Uncharted 4 is part of the plan during this fiscal year, then it has to come out no later than March 31, significantly narrowing down the spring 2016 launch window previously given by Naughty Dog. 

Assuming that House did not make a mistake in citing Nathan Drake’s next adventure as a key component in its current financial year, then we can probably expect Uncharted 4 to release at some point in March 2016. Anything earlier would not fit into the spring 2016 window. 

Of course, there is the possibility he was mistaken, and that the game will arrive much later, such as April or May 2016. Still, it’s worth thinking about while we wait to get our mitts on the sequel.

Naughty Dog recently welcomed back a former studio member back into the fold after a stint at Ubisoft.