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Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection PC Update 1.4 Patch Notes Revealed For Mouse Smoothness Adjustment, Fixes & More

Naughty Dog has deployed the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection PC update 1.4 patch notes, which adds a new menu for mouse smoothness adjustment and various fixes.

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  • Improvement to address camera jitter experienced by some mouse and keyboard users
  • Added a new menu option to allow users to adjust the smoothing level of mouse movement (Options > Controls > Mouse Smoothing)
  • Added new Audio Compatibility options (Options > Audio > Compatibility)
    • Output Mode: Adjust which sounds are played through the OS spatial sound driver. Select different settings if you experience muffled, missing, or unusually quiet audio. If you are experiencing abnormally quiet music or dialogue during cutscenes, for example, try the Spatial mode instead of the Hybrid default.
    • Latency: Adjust the short period of delay between when a sound effect is requested and when it plays. Higher latency improves reliability of audio playback, especially on lower spec CPUs. Increase this value if you are experiencing pops, clicks, or distorted sound. Higher latencies also resolve issues with audio interfaces configured with large buffer sizes and some wireless headphones. Note: You must restart the game for the change to take effect.

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