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Uncharted Live Action Fan Film Starring Nathan Fillion Released

Uncharted Live Action

Let’s cut to the chase – director Allan Ungar and Firefly star Nathan Fillion have collaborated on an Uncharted Live Action fan film, and it looks every bit as awesome you might hope it would.

It’s really, really good. Seriously.

Uncharted Live Action Fan Film Looks Awesome

Clocking in at just shy of 15 minutes, the fan film has literally everything an Uncharted fan could ever want from a live-action adaptation of Naughty Dog’s hugely popular adventure series.

From quick wit and third-person gunfights to hand to hand combat (including the now famous Drake Superman Punch) and even a dollop of puzzle solving, this is quite simply everything we’d hope a live action take on Uncharted would be.

It also provides indisputable proof that Nathan Fillion is, and always has been, the single best choice to play Nathan Drake in a live-action adaptation – from the smug looks, to the quick quips and roughhouse combat, Fillion was simply born to play the role.

Likewise, Stephen Lang (he played the baddie in 2009’s Avatar) is an informed choice to play Sully; as he chews up both the scenery and his trusty cigar with equal vigor and aplomb.

Official Uncharted Movie Currently In Limbo

In terms of an official live action Uncharted film, the last we heard was during last year where it was confirmed that Shawn Levy would be directing the adaptation with Tom Holland to star as Nathan Drake and Bryan Cranston rumored for a mystery role. Since then however, very little else has been revealed regarding the movie.

The film was/is supposed to focus on a younger version of Nathan Drake, but to be honest, I don’t want that; I just want two hours of the magic that Fillion and company have created here.

Now, let’s just hope that Ungar is able to ‘pull a Deadpool’ and get this footage green-lighted into a full blown movie.

You can catch the Uncharted live action fan film below.

Source: YouTube