Book of the Dead Running On PS4 Pro With New Unity 2018 Game Engine

unity 2018 game engine

The Unity game engine, which has powered numerous titles, including Yooka-Laylee, Subnautica and Life is Strange Before the Storm, will be taking things to another level in 2018.

The cross-platform game engine will be entering a public beta in 2018 where developers will be able to preview the new ‘Scriptable Render Pipeline.'

In a presentation at the GDC keynote last night, Unity showcased the engine in action with a tech demo called Book of the Dead on PS4 Pro. They say that “the trailer is representative of the actual gameplay experience”, so in the right hands we could be seeing some fantastic-looking PS5 games. The Book of the Dead demo was running at 30fps, and the full version will be available on the Unity Asset Store in April.

Book of the Dead PS4 Pro Demo Looks Fantastic

From the official site:

“The environments are built in a way that allows the player to move around and explore. The camera is a continuous first-person camera, and when the player is teleported to a different location, the transition feels like a cinematic cut,”

Unlike a traditional first-person game camera, however, here the game camera is designed to have a cinematic handheld feel, with inertia and weight. The height, speed, and shakiness reflect the emotional state of the protagonist and change as the player progresses through the story controlling the character.”

As it was running on a projector at GDC, attendees claim it was difficult to see if there were any noticeable differences between the PC version, which was first shown in January. John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity, said at GDC that his company wants to put its focus into the quality of games on its platform rather than the quantity so they can compete with rivals such as Unreal Engine, which has powered dozens of games over the years, including the upcoming RPG, Vampyr.

Check out Unity 2018 in action. This video was from the PC version, but the Book of the Dead PS4 Pro demo from yesterday was identical.

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