Unreal Tournament 3 planned for PlayStation 3

The PC gaming world is a market for those with deep pockets. With latest graphic cards by ATI and Nvidia hitting up to 600 USD a pop, consoles have become a popular alternative for those with much shallower budgets. However, the main deterrents of PC gamer who have considered adopting a gaming console have always been a lack of mouse and keyboard support and a shortage of first person shooters that PC gamers can unanimously deem "acceptable". Sony has the potential to finally satisfy that previously discontented audience.

Epic games announced they will be throwing support behind the PlayStation 3 by launching their best-selling Unreal Tournament series on the console. Unreal Tournament has long been a mainstay of PC gamers, and the news of Sony’s latest acquisition could possibly help turn the tide of the PC oriented gamers.

Other than revealing their future plans in the next generation, Epic Games took some time to talk about their first addition, Unreal Tournament 2007.

Although the game is still early in development, lead designer Steve Polge has, in essence, promised game play will improve, saying that his team had been working on the game play side of the game for almost a year.

Part of this new game play will include new freedom for gamers seeking what role to play in matches. Unreal Tournament 2007 will not have standard "classes" which many of its brothers build their foundations off of. Instead, players can expect to have the freedom to fight on the front lines with a mini gun, or fall back and pick up a sniper to help out with support.

Unreal Tournament 2007 will also host a plethora of new weapons and vehicles, and some enhancements to fan favorites. One such example includes the Scorpion, which will now contain the added benefit of being a self destructing projectile by utilizing the new "boost" feature to plow into enemies and simultaneously eject out of harms way.

With the addition of Unreal Tournament and added keyboard and mouse support, Sony has shaped the PlayStation 3 to become an arc for migrating PC gamers, who can’t afford to upgrade their PC to match the rapid progression of technology. Epic’s entrance also has the potential to usher in more PC developers, possibly to help change the image of the PlayStation series as RPG oriented machines to a system with a touch of balance. Stay tuned to ps3portal for latest developments!