Upcoming Burnout Paradise patch detailed further

The development team over at Criterion never seems to be satisfied with what they’re giving the community for the outrageous price of free. If you thought the upcoming patch was jam-packed with enough content as is, you’re sorely mistaken.

According to their official website, a boatload of new content is packaged with the upcoming patch on February 3. We’ve included a breakdown of the additions below.

In-Game Store (PS3/PC only) – The first change you’ll notice (if you’re on Playstation 3 or PC) is that we’re now using in-game browser to bring something we’re calling the Criterion Games Network. More on this next week!
Tweaked vehicle handling – The vehicle handling has undergone it’s most substantial overhaul since Burnout Paradise was first released. We’ve tweaked the handling on the first available cars, like the Hunter Cavalry, to make the game easier and more accessible.
Junkyard sorting – We’ve changed the way we display the performance of the cars in the junkyard. You can now easily compare cars and see that with the rebalanced handling, they’re more varied across the whole range.
Stunt Run timer changed – Fans of Stunt Run will now appreciate that the countdown timer now starts to count down more slowly. If you’ve never played before, it’ll be easier to pick up. For experts, it’ll counts down faster depending on how many multipliers you’ve earned.
Events rebalanced – We’ve modified the difficulty of all events. The speeds of the rival cars and Burning Route times have been changed to accommodate new car speeds.
Road Rage tweaked – We’ve changed the way the timer works in Road Rage– you no longer get time added when you’ve hit the target number of cars. This means the game has a clearer end point and restricts crazy scores to later Road Rages, making it more challenging for experts – see if you can reach 100+ now! It’s been streamlined.
Enhanced visuals – Paradise City is filled with a whole world of objects waiting to be discovered. We wanted to make it a little easier to spot them, so we’ve modified the colours of the Billboards (red) and Smashes (yellow) and Super Jumps (blue). They also now pulse for added visibility.
Restart – You ask – we deliver. Restart is in! You can now quit or fail an event and choose to restart it.
Easier barrel rolls – And last but not least, we’ve transformed the way barrel rolls work in Burnout Paradise. Hit a split-ramp and barrel rolls now automatically right themselves. It means new players can pull off flash moves immediately, but nothing changes for all you experts out there. You can still risk multiple rolls by pushing the right stick in the direction of the roll.