[UPDATE] Neverwinter PS4 Maintenance – Servers currently down

Update: October 26, 2016 – No Shards are available with the Neverwinter servers currently down on PS4. There’s no planned maintenance today, but the issues have resulted in many players being kicked out of the game. There’s currently no ETA on when the servers will be back online. The problem is affecting Neverwinter players worldwide with reports from across the UK, Europe and North America. Stay tuned for updates.

There was planned maintenance yesterday and the servers were down for approximately two hours before being reset. This issue seems unrelated and unplanned.

Original: The Neverwinter servers for PlayStation 4 are currently offline due to scheduled maintenance by developer, Cryptic Studios.

The good news is they’re only expecting to be down for the next hour or so with the servers due to go back online around 5pm BST.

Neverwinter servers offline for a couple of hours

This is the third time Neverwinter has been unavailable to play in the last couple of weeks. The servers were also offline last week, but no maintenance was planned. Shortly after that Cryptic took the severs down for around five hours while they made ‘game-enhancing fixes’.

Full details of the Neverwinter PS4 server maintenance have yet to be confirmed, but we’d expect some kind of update as to what Crypic have been up to shortly.