*UPDATED* MGS4 demo coming in February

Tired of waiting to finally get your hands on anything Metal Gear Solid 4? Well that time has finally been announced. No, it’s not the official release date of the title, but it is the expected month for the demo itself.

Expected in the month of February, PS3 owners will be given the opportunity to play through one magnificent level of MGS4. Hopefully, this will wet your taste buds and tide you guys over until the official release.

It is possible that this could be a video stage being played by Konami, much like the TGS video released earlier on the PSN. However, we’re hoping it could possibly be a playable demo in the end.


An editor for PSW has since commented:

"At the time of writing the article a Konami rep told us a demo, the demo we played in our office for the magazine article, would be on the PSN Store. It’s finished, we played it, so something should be appearing this month. It could all depend on the game’s final on sale date, if it has moved to May then a demo could appear later, possibly February."