[UPDATED] PlayStation trophies to hit in June

UPDATE: Sony has updated the PixelJunk Eden website with an interesting game key feature, Trophy Support. Take a look for yourselves.

ORIGINAL STORY: According to our PS3forum industry insider, Sony will be releasing Firmware 2.4 sometime in June around the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4. Also mentioned is that the new Firmware 2.4 will include some of the first PlayStation Trophies. *Note that these will be the 2D trophies found on the XMB and not the 3D trophies coming in Home later this year.

"The SDK 2.40 will be available to dev. late in June. The actual Firmware 2.40 might see the light of day a lot sooner (my personal guess would be launch aligned or slightly before MGS4 )." – PS3Forum Insider


Further into the thread, they state that the Firmware 2.4 will also include improved Audio/Video communication, however don’t get your hopes up that this is for in-game XMB. Since developers will receive their 2.4 debug units in June, expect only first party Sony titles to have trophies first.

Stay tuned to PSU for more information.