US, UK, and Japan PSN Store Updates for Jan. 10th *Update

Today Sony released new updates for all three major PlayStation Network Stores, each with their own additions. For Japan; 3 new demos including 2 for the new Yakuza title, for the U.K.; new trailers and downloadable content, and for the U.S; we’ll update you shortly on that.

Here is the official list of updates:


– Crash Bandicoot 2 (PS1 game): $5.99
– Kane & Lynch demo: free
– Super Stardust HD demo & upgrade: free; full game is $9.99

Downloadable Content
– Folklore "The Alchemist Pack" add-on $3.99
– Folklore "The Origin of Belgae" add-on $3.99
– Need For Speed ProStreet "Bugatti Veyron 16.4" add-on: $2.99
– Need For Speed ProStreet "McLaren F1" add-on: $2.99
– Rock Band song downloads: $1.99 each
          * Stone Temple Pilots’ "Interstate Love Song"
          * The Hives’ "Die, All right!"
          * Iron Maiden’s "Number of the Beast"
– Burnout Paradise "Guns ‘N Roses" trailer: free
– First Sunday movie trailer: free
– Spiderwick Chronicles movie trailer: free

– Two PAIN themes: free


– Hardcore 4×4 (PS1): £ 3.49
– N20 (PS1): £ 3.49

Downloadable Content:
– Folklore Pigly Pack: free
– MotorStorm Eagle’s Nest and Diamondback Speedway Expansion: £ 3.49

– PixelJunk Monters
– Bionic Commando
– Devil May Cry 4: "TGS 2007 2"

– 4 New Devil May Cry 4 Wallpapers


– Go! Sports Skydiving: 800 ¥
– Yakuza 3: "Mini-games" demo
– Burnout: Paradise demo
– Yakuza 3: "Main Game/Story" demo

Downloadable Content:
– MotorStorm Eagle’s Nest and Diamondback Speedway Expansion: 500 ¥
– Record of Agarest War Costume Packs: 300 ¥ each

– Lost Planet
– Need for Speed: Pro Street
– Stuntman: Ignition

It seems as though the updates were a bit weak this week, but things could turn around as we near GDC, there are bound to be larger updates. Stay tuned for more information.