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Vampire Survivors Doesn’t Have A PS5/PS4 Release Date Due To PlayStation’s Submission Process “Taking A Little Longer Than Usual”

UPDATE 25/06/2024: Developer Poncle has sent this statement to PSU to further elaborate on what is causing the delay with getting Vampire Survivors on PlayStation.

“As this is the first time the team has gone through the submission process on PlayStation, this is a bit of a learning experience for us. We’re also doing two ports at the same time, as PS4 and PS5 are treated as separate versions.

The submission process is going very smoothly so far, but we’re taking our time with things to make sure everything is in place correctly.

The Trophy systems are different for PS4 and PS5, which means we need to design them in two different ways. We also want to make sure we have as much parity as possible between the two PlayStation versions and all other platforms.

As soon as we’re confident in a final release date we’ll let everyone know, and want to thank everyone for their patience!”

Original Story:

Vampire Survivors has been one of the biggest games for the last few years to not have come to PlayStation yet. It’s on pretty much every other platform out there, but if all you have available to you is a PS5 or PS4, you’re out of luck on a truly addictive game.

Not for much longer though – it was confirmed this past April 2024 that Vampire Survivors will be coming to PlayStation platforms, though all that was said at the time is that it’ll arrive at some point in Summer 2024.

Developer Poncle took to Twitter on Monday to give players a better idea as to why we still don’t have a proper release date. According to Poncle, the delay is coming from the process of submitting their game to PlayStation taking “a little longer than usual.”

Poncle also said part of the delay comes from the team “doing some trial and error on Trophies to ensure we get them right,” which at least seems to suggest it’s a mix of things causing the delay.

“As it’s now summer we’ve had a lot of people asking when the PlayStation release will be happening,” said Poncle. “We want to keep you all updated, as we still don’t have a release date to share, but wanted to let you know why.”

“This is the first time we’re going through submission processes on PlayStation so it’s taking a little longer than usual. We’re also doing some trial and error on Trophies to ensure we get them right.

BUT we’ll let you know ASAP when we have a solid date!”

Vampire Survivors was the game to upset Elden Ring at the 2023 BAFTA’s by taking home the GOTY award, it’s been one of the biggest games since it launched and it’s getting its own animated TV show.

And still even for its developers Poncle, it seems the myriad of issues that developers indie or otherwise seem to have with just getting their games on PlayStation still prevail.

Source – [Poncle]