Velocity 2X developer working on ‘gorgeous’ PlayStation VR game

The developer of the critically heralded shooter Velocity 2X has confirmed that their next title will be headed to PSVR.

Originally reported by VR Focus, Futurlab made the reveal at the still on-going Develop: Brighton 2016 Conference where the developer responded to a question that came up from the audience about which platform they will develop on next, stating: “We’ve built a long and fruitful relationship with Sony, so it was a natural and clear path to begin working with PlayStation VR.”

Even though the plucky British developer has yet to reveal any further details regarding the project, they certainly made sure that they stoked the hype fires a bit by tweeting: ”Right, ridiculously excited about our VR game now. It’s looking utterly gorgeous. Fans of our work are going to be delighted I think =).”

As to what their PSVR title is going to be is anyone’s guess but it looks like that rather than update of an existing franchise, such as Velocity, that it will more likely be a new IP if a recent posting on their website is to be believed: ” We’ve recently released Velocity 2X and Surge Deluxe to critical acclaim, and now we’re working on an exciting new IP!”

As Develop: Brighton continues, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the matter.