Vital Traits That Apply to iGaming and Video Gaming

Online casino games and video games are two entertainment media making big strides in New Zealand. Even though the country only allows gambling on offshore sites, the sector is expanding dramatically. When it comes to the proliferation of video games, most New Zealand households have a gaming device. These two entertainment options have some similarities that influence their popularity among users. As gambling continues to evolve, it shares more experiences with video games. So, it’s not surprising to see gamers transition to gambling and thrive. One reason for this is that online gaming and gambling have transferrable skills.

Playing video and casino games is fun, but that’s not there is to it. Over time, you have to develop a certain set of skills to help you win. Even in luck-based titles, you require a money management plan and patience. Some of the qualities that make a successful gamer can also help a gambler. This convergence is what this article explores. If you like one area and are considering trying the other, then you should know which competencies to apply. Does your problem-solving in video games any good when gambling? You could eliminate a lot of guesswork if you can effectively transfer your video gaming skills to casino gaming. The following are some of the transferrable traits.

Strategic Thinking

At first glance, it might look like video games are all about strategy, and they mainly are. However, they are not without an element of luck. Casino games, on the other hand, might seem like they rely solely on chance, but some require a degree of skill. Looking at the offerings at Gaming Casino Club reviewed by Robert Longthorpe gives you an idea of the different strategy games you can find on gambling platforms. Critical thinking is one skill that can serve you well as a gamer and gambler. Video games have missions you must complete to earn rewards, comprehensive maps you must know how to navigate and a dozen decisions to make at every turn. Advancing from one level to the next demands some analytical thinking. In a first-person shooter game, for example, you should know which weapon to pick and how to position yourself to beat the enemy.

In gambling, most card games require strategy. Blackjack and poker are some of the hardest casino games to learn because they involve more than chance. Apart from the game rules, you have to be familiar with hand rankings, types of bets and basic strategy. For instance, when playing blackjack, you should know the best move when holding a pair of 10s. Should you split them? Every decision you make affects your winning probability. Thus, you have to calculate it well. The casino sector even provides betting systems players can use on particular games to improve their chances. Of course, how effective a strategy is depends on how you apply it, just like in video games. Therefore, if you get good at thinking ahead, as a gambler or gamer, the ability can help you in both fields.

Objective Reasoning

Whether playing casino games or computer games, emotions can get you in trouble. Any successful player will tell you that you have to keep a cool head when playing. Feelings prevent you from making sound decisions, which can cost you dearly. When gambling, it could mean losing money. When gaming, emotional judgement calls could mean failing a mission or letting down your entire team in MMORPGs. So, the golden rule is to always stay objective. When you lose several bets on your favourite pokie, it might be tempting to increase your stake to try and recover. However, a more impartial call might be to decrease your bet or even take a break to think rationally.

The same goes for video games. You might be getting pummeled in an action-adventure title and strike back without considering the consequences, only to end up worse than you were. Sometimes, you need a minute to breathe and re-strategise to avoid taking the wrong steps. So, if you learn to be an objective thinker as a gamer, you will do well as a gambler because casino games require you to keep your emotions in check too.


You might wonder, ‘Gaming is about fun; why do I have to be patient about it?’ Except that you do. Both gaming forms can be challenging, especially for a newbie. Grasping the rules, applying strategies and analysing results take time to learn. Wins can take time to come by, and if you are not patient, discouragement can set in fast. The frustration could make you reckless. Therefore, you must be ready to put in work and money to get favourable results. In gambling, players rarely win due to the house edge, and ion must comprehend that. If you are a patient gambler, then you could make a decent gamer.

Gaming is popular among Kiwis, and gambling is getting just as prominent. Over time, casino games have come to include features that make them as interesting and skill intensive as video games. Regardless of how much luck influences a particular game, you must hone certain abilities as a player. Some skills, such as analytical reasoning, good communication and impartial thinking, are easily transferrable between gambling and gaming. So, if you are a gamer hoping to try iGaming or vice versa, some crucial skills can make the transition easy.