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Volition Will Support Saints Row “For The Long-Term,” First Major Update Coming In November

The return of the Saints Row franchise was met with plenty of excitement when it was announced, but its launch failed to live up to players and critics expectations.

After a lackluster kick-off, developer Volition published a blog post today reassuring players that the studio will be supporting Saints Row “for the long-term,” though of course we don’t know how long exactly that’ll be.

In terms of what’s to come short-term, Volition has an update scheduled for November which will be the first major update Saints Row will receive since its launch.

The studio is aware of issues that continue to plague the player experience, stating that the team knows “there is still work to do.”

To combat that, “this November update will feature over 200 bug fixes and stability upgrades, and it will have a particular focus on challenges, overall stability and co-op.”

Co-op in particular has been a struggle for players to get working properly, and Volition is working to fix that as well.

“We’re especially aware of issues some players have been having with co-op and we’re sorry these fixes have taken longer than expected while we apply and test them thoroughly.”

Players can also expect to see some quality of life changes, such as making challenges more rewarding, reducing the amount of times an activity is repeated, revamping the haptic features “and more.”

Beyond these changes though, there’s nothing really in the way of new DLC or content coming to Saints Row, apart from Volition beginning to release a series of free cosmetic packs.

Unfortunately for those waiting for new content for Saints Row, they’ll have to wait a little longer, as Volition admits that any new content has fallen down the priority ladder.

Its focus first and foremost is repairing the issues currently causing players the most grief, and ensuring that the Saints Row experience had on every platform is at the quality bar Volition intended.

A good thing to see, though it’s worth considering that perhaps Saints Row shouldn’t have launched in the state it did.

Source – [Volition]