Waiting for Heavenly Sword 2? Don’t hold your breath

With the recent murmurs out of Chicago that a survey was conducted about what people would like to see in regards to Heavenly Sword 2 sending PlayStation fans into anticipation, it has all been short-lived.  Ninja Theory has officially confirmed that they are not working on a Heavenly Sword sequel whatsoever and that their next IP will be a multiplatform title.

With Heavenly Sword being the property of Sony, it would only make sense for this new project to have very little to do with it, considering it will find its way to the 360 as well.  Alongside the developing of the new game in question, Ninja Theory is heavily considering releasing a CGI movie utilizing the game’s engine in order to design it.

Nina Kristensen, co-founder and chief developer at Ninja Theory had this to offer up, "We’re certainly targeting a triple-A blockbuster, with two and a half years in production – a big game that builds on our core strengths of story-telling, cinematics and combat. But we’re actually looking at something in addition to that – we’re considering opportunities in creating a CGI movie using the game engine alongside the game itself.

"The game’s certainly the most important thing, and we haven’t decided for sure to do this, but it’s something we’re looking at. It’s an interesting idea," she added.

All of this does sound promising if the studio is able to deliver a game with a much longer storyline while maintaining the same cinematic experience that they’ve already shown they’re capable of.  They already have a publisher signed on for the game, so everything is already in the works.  As much as we’re disappointed to not be rewarded with a sequel to Heaven Sword just yet, we still anxiously await the full announcement of this next title in the Ninja Theory library of games.