Want P.T. back on your PS4? Here’s how.

If you’re like me (and God help you if you are), then there’s little doubt the sadness that is the P.T. debacle still sits lodged in your mind like a crayon up a child’s nostril.

We all know the story by now of how the sensational playable teaser for a new Silent Hill became a phenomenon thanks to Konami scraping it off the PlayStation Store last year as they kicked P.T. co-creator and industry figurehead, Hideo Kojima out the door. A dark day for games, and one that amplified the concerns about a digital-only future.

Wouldn’t you just love to play that teaser again? Are you prepared to put in a bit of effort? If the answer to those questions is yes, then there is a way to get P.T. back on your PS4 thanks to Though I’ll stress this now, if you haven’t ever downloaded P.T. before then you, my friend, are straight outta Lucksville.

The process involves setting up your PS4 to use your PC as a proxy. To do this, you need to download and install a program called SUWI. Whilst installing SUWI, make sure to leave all the options ticked. From here, follow these steps…

Download an IP Checker. Write down your IP address and boot up your PS4.

Once your PS4 is on, go to ‘Settings’, then network, then ‘Setup Internet Connection’. Choose custom setup and select the correct network. Then hit automatic for IP address settings.

Do not specify for DHCP host name.

Automatic for DNS settings.

Automatic again for MTU settings

Then hit use for proxy server.

Enter your IP address and set the port number to 808. Then hit next to complete the setup.

From here you can now go to your library, enter P.T. and set it to download. Top drawer, you can go back to running round that corridor and swearing at Lisa once more!

Nightmares never die.