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Warface Collector’s Edition Early Access Pack Giveaway – Winners

warface collector's edition

The Warface PS4 release date has been revealed as September 18. However, you can now get straight into early access and enjoy the shooter with a Warface Collector’s Edition Early Access Pack.

To celebrate the launch of the military-based free-to-play shooter today, we have 15 packs to give away worth 79.99 EUROS each. Each bundle contains the following items, ensuring you’ll get off to the best possible start.

Warface features PvE and PvP missions and features hundreds of upgradeable weapons. There’s also a Plant the Bomb and Battle Royale mode for those who really want to test their survival skills.

Note: The giveaway has now ended.

The winners are:

  • Greg Middleton (via comment)
  • Darron Potter (via comment)
  • Frost (via comment)
  • @sonicguy14
  • @Gmid1983
  • @villdoc
  • @RockySkillz
  • @x53444
  • @MeTaLGuY9
  • @TheFinalDuke
  • @theparanoidass
  • @idakenplays
  • @BertusBerenboot
  • @zer0nik00n
  • @AwesomeGuy012

Note: The Collector’s Edition Early Access Packs are valid for EU PSN accounts only and not exchangeable.

  • FN SCAR-H assault rifle and its golden variant
  • Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro shotgun and its golden variant
  • Magpul FMG-9 and its golden variant
  • Remington R11 RSASS sniper rifle and its golden variant
  • CZ-75 handgun and its golden variant
  • Jagdkommando combat knife
  • Paragon Squad skin set for all classes
  • 1500 Kredits

Ready for action, soldiers? Check out our Warface preview to find out more about PS4’s latest shooter, and simply reply in the comments below and tell us why you want to play Warface.

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We’ll be drawing all winners at random on Friday 17 August, 2018. We’ll list all winners in this article.


  • Closing date 17 August at noon BST
  • Two entries allowed per person, one via comment, one via retweet.
  • Entries restricted to EU PS4 players only. Codes will not work on North American PS4. An alternative prize is not offered.
  • PSU is not responsible for codes not working, but will attempt to get a replacement as soon as possible from the publisher.
  • Winners will be named within this article on 14 August and drawn at random from eligible entries.
  • Winners will be contacted via Twitter and comments section.
  • frost

    Can’t wait to play this game in September.

    • PlayStation Universe

      You won Frost. Can you email [email protected] and we’ll pass on your code.

      • frost

        Yeahhhh, Thanks a lot and for the delay reply

      • frost

        Sorry for the delay reply and thanks alot

  • Rocky Skillz

    I’d love to play warface. The pve and pvp looks very intetesing, i’ve been wanting to play a new fps and warface is probably gonna be my next addiction.

  • Darron Potter

    I would love to play warface as well and was excited to see early access then upset to see I had to pay, then when I visited my favourite PS4 website I got excited for a chance to win a chance to play it, then I got upset because I missed the chance because I was at the hospital all day yesterday and I have only just been back on PSU. Oh well I don’t mind waiting until September I think this game is going to be a good game to wait for.

    • PlayStation Universe

      Hey, you won! Can you contact us at – [email protected]

      • Darron Potter

        Thank you for this, it’s a great game and i’m really enjoying it

  • cooldude012

    Managed to get one quick game in the beta and really enjoyed what I played. Can’t wait to play some more

  • Gogandantess

    I love playing with friends, playing games with friends is one of the things that has kept gaming relevant in recent years. Warface looks like another fantastic free to play title with emphasis on team work!

  • Eulers11

    I can’t wait for this game to come out in September. It looks like a smashing game. Considering buying the collectors edition early as a birthday present for myself.

  • Greg Middleton

    Have to play this game, made by Crytek and using the CryEngine. Its not only going to have amazing graphics but also excited to get fully immersed in this world.

  • Robin030

    Played it on pc ages ago but now im PS4 only so def looking forward to dive back into this game.

  • adam newbury

    played it on the pc back in the day now can play with my ps4 friends