Warhawk brings online 4 player splitscreen

Warhawk has even more surprises than gamers expected.

With TV’s getting larger, gaming systems becoming more advanced, and online multiplayer becoming bigger than ever, when would game companies finally improve something already there? Splitscreen multiplayer has been a hot topic lately with many PS3 gamers.

Finally Warhawk has showcased an answer to a big question. Games on PS3 are able to have split screen online play and Warhawk will be the first game to feature the function. Not only will players have online split screen but will be able to enjoy the experience with 3 other friends, Warhawk will have 4 player split screen.

The good news is with HDTV’s each screen on 4 players will still have a higher resolution than a full screen of PS1 and N64. Hopefully this will jump start other studios to do the same.

Warhawk is expected this fall so stick with PSU for the latest info!

Source : PS3Fanboy