Koei Tecmo PS4 News Release Dates Trailer Warriors Orochi 4

Warriors Orochi 4 Trailer Shows Huge Roster and Release Date

warriors orochi 4 release date

Koei Tecmo has released a trailer for Warriors Orochi 4, the latest in its Musou crossover series that boasts of its immense roster and a Western release date.

The series sees characters from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors feature in the same game, making for a staggering amount of characters to choose from.

This time around, there are over 170 different characters to select from. Certainly spoiled for choice then!

The game’s Western release date was confirmed in the trailer too, and we’ll be getting this slice of Musou action October 19, 2018.

Warriors Orochi 4 sees the heroes searching for eight bracelets that hold great power, and the story also involves Greek God of Gods himself, Zeus.