Warriors Orochi PSP dated for Europe

Koei has announced that it will be releasing Warriors Orochi for the PlayStation Portable and PC in Europe on March 28, 2008.

The game was originally released on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 last year, though the upcoming PSP version will boost additional features in the form of full ad-hoc multiplayer support.

Will Curley, Sales Manager for Koei Europe, commented, "For the first time on PSP the huge battlefields from the console versions of Warriors Orochi have been recreated and crammed into a portable gaming experience along with the entire cast of characters.”

"Warriors Orochi is a massive step forward for Warriors games on PSP and we’ve been really impressed with just what we can do on PSP."

"Bringing our unique brand of tactical action to PC is also a very significant move for us as we look ahead to achieving much more on this platform. Warriors Orochi is just the first step as we look towards a number of new releases on PC in the coming months," he added.

Warriors Orochi features characters from both the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors franchise, with players waging war across various battlefields against an assortment of deadly foes.

This latest instalment also features the ability to switch between three different characters at any time during gameplay.