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Watch Dogs Legion 60 FPS Performance Mode Arriving With Next Update On PS5


Watch Dogs Legion will get its 60 FPS performance mode, finally, in the next title update for the game on PS5.

The long-requested feature was announced in a blog post and will arrive alongside a new Project OMNI Tactical Op. This upcoming update will also add a number of bug fixes related to the new character Mina, with the full list below:

  • Mina will keep the weapon of a formerly possessed NPC
  • Players are unable to return to Mina if the NPC they control dies
  • Players are unable to exit Mind Control
  • A bug where certain NPCs will gain Mina’s skills and abilities
  • A bug where players can Mind Control NPCs they shouldn’t be able to
  • An issue where players are forced to restart the game if they use Mind Control on an NPC when going out of bounds

Overall, this is great to see and although no date for the update was given, we expect it to arrive sometime within the next month or so, before Ubisoft’s Forward showcase at E3 2021.

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Watch Dogs Legion is available now on PS5 and PS4.

Source – [Ubisoft]