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Watch Dogs Legion PS5 And Xbox Series X Are Visually Identical For The Most Part

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest title to be put through its paces by Digital Foundry, and there’s good news – the game runs mostly identical on PS5 and Xbox Series X from a visual setting perspective.

Watch Dogs Legion PS5 vs Xbox Series X Turns Up Similar Results

Both versions of the open-world title from Ubisoft feature this game visual settings, with the only notable hiccups being reflections missing from puddles on PS5 and the Xbox Series X coughing up a slightly lower level of texture filtering. These appear to be the result of bugs too.

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But to address the most burning question, I can confirm right away that Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 do indeed run with practically identical visual settings – an almost complete match for the details locked away in the PC version’s configuration files (which don’t just include PC settings, but every single version).

This is most readily evident in side-by-side ray tracing comparisons – the RT effect is identical, but crucially, the cut-off for objects not in the reflection is also the same, meaning matched fidelity in the effect itself, but also identical compromises and optimizations.

Similarly, Watch Dogs Legion runs at 30 FPS on all new systems, which is a marked improvement over PS4 and Xbox One, which were all over the place in this respect.

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[Source – Digital Foundry via WCCFTech]